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National Human Rights Commission Alternative Candidate Appointment for IT Assistant Posts

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National Human Rights Commission NHRC Nepal

National Human Rights Commission: Appointment Notification for IT Assistant Candidates

The National Human Rights Commission, headquartered in Pulchok, Lalitpur, has issued an important notice regarding the appointment process for the position of Information Technology Assistant. This announcement is aimed at candidates who have been selected as alternative options based on the Public Service Commission's notification dated 2080/11/15.

Key Details for Selected Candidates

  • Health Examination Requirement: Selected alternative candidates must undergo a health check-up. This examination should be conducted by a doctor who is officially recognized by the Government of Nepal. This step is a crucial part of the appointment process, adhering to the Rule 17 of Schedule-3 format and the 2072 (Sixth Amendment).

  • Documentation Submission: Candidates are required to collect the oath-taking form from the National Human Rights Commission. Along with this form, a personal details form, which is obtainable from the employee section of the Commission, must be filled out and submitted to the Administration Division.

  • Appointment Letter Collection: Those who have successfully completed the above steps should contact the Administration Division to collect their appointment letter on 2080/11/21. This date is set for the formal issuance of appointment letters to the successful candidates.

  • Correction of Details: In case there are discrepancies in the details mentioned in the recommendation letter from the Public Service Commission, candidates are urged to get these corrected by the Public Service Commission directly.

Contact Information

For further inquiries or to proceed with the appointment process, candidates are advised to reach out to:

  • Division: Administration Division
  • Institution: National Human Rights Commission
  • Notification Date: Published on 2080/11/18

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