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NEB Published Re-Checking Result of Class 12

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NEB-National Examination Board

NEB Published Re-Checking Result of Class 12

The National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal has released an updated set of grades for Class 12 candidates who applied for re-checking. This announcement, relevant to the annual examinations conducted in 2080 B.S., provides important information for those whose grades have been modified.

Result Details:

Subject: Com.Nepali (0021)

  • 22713679: A
  • 23300247: A
  • 24908755: A

Subject: Com.English (0041)

  • 37103040: D

Subject: Physics (1021)

  • 22713866: C+
  • 22723391: A+
  • 33100554: D
  • 37103274: D

Subject: Accounting (1041)

  • 33100655: D
  • 34901609: C

Subject: Biology (2021)

  • 22505130: C
  • 23507171: C

Subject: Business Studies (2161)

  • 22605567: D

Subject: Chemistry (3021)

  • 23502021: A

Subject: Economics (3041)

  • 24903388: A

Key Details from the Notification

  • Result Revision: Specific symbol numbers have been listed in the notification, indicating a change in grades for selected students.
  • Subject-Wise Grade Alterations: The revised grades span across various subjects, including Com.Nepali, English, Physics, and others.
  • Action Required: Affected students are instructed to obtain their updated grade sheets from the board's offices within a week from the notification date.

How to Proceed After Grade Changes

Candidates with revised grades should promptly contact the board offices to secure their amended grade sheets. These students need to ensure that the changes are reflected accurately in their official records.

Ensuring Accurate Grade Reporting

The board emphasizes that apart from the listed changes, other examinees' grades remain unaltered. Any discrepancies due to technical issues will be rectified based on the examination control office records.

Published Date: 2080-9-17

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NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

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