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Nepal Army Written Exam Result of Various Prabidhik Amaldar Post

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Written Exam Result of Various Prabidhik Amaldar Post

The Public Service Commission, Central Office, has officially announced the results of the written examination for various positions within the Nepali Army. This comprehensive guide provides essential information for candidates who have successfully cleared their respective examinations.

Results Overview for Prabidhik Amaldar Positions

  1. Prabidhik Amaldar Survey

    • Service Group: Military Technical/Military Engineering/Survey
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/2
    • Note: Candidates are advised to stay updated with relevant agencies for interview schedules.
  2. Prabidhik Amaldar Veterinary

    • Service Group: Military Technical/Animal Development and Animal Health
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/1
    • Important: Keep in touch with the commission for further instructions.
  3. Prabidhik Amaldar Printing House

    • Service Group: Military Technical/Other Technical/Public Relations and Psychological
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/1
    • Reminder: Check the Public Service Commission website for additional details.
  4. Prabidhik in Audio Materials, Newspapers, and Electronic News

    • Service Group: Military Technician/Other Technician/Public Relations and Psychologist
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/2
    • Action Required: Await further communication regarding the next steps.
  5. Prabidhik in Visual, Photo, and Editing (Video Editing)

    • Service Group: Military Technical/Other Technical/Public Relations and Psychologist
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/3
    • Advice: Monitor official channels for subsequent procedures.
  6. Prabidhik Amaldar Band

    • Service Group: Military Technical/Other Technical/Service
    • Examination Date: 2080/5/2
    • Guidance: Stay informed about future announcements from the commission.

Next Steps for Successful Candidates

  • Interview Preparation: Candidates are encouraged to prepare thoroughly for the upcoming interviews.
  • Documentation: Ensure all necessary documents are up-to-date and ready for submission.
  • Regular Updates: Regularly check the Public Service Commission's official website and other communication channels for updates on interview schedules and further instructions.

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