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Nepal Telecom Notice to Contact Waiting List Candidates

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Nepal Telecom (NTC Building)

Nepal Telecom Notice to Contact Waiting List Candidates

Nepal Telecom would like to notify the candidates who are on the waiting list for various vacant positions that they have the opportunity for permanent appointments. As per the Company's Staff Regulations, Regulation 27 (2) of 2075, the following positions have become vacant, and the recommended alternative candidates are requested to contact the Company's Central Office, Personnel Administration Branch within 30 days for permanent appointment.

Vacant Positions in the Waiting List:

Advertisement No Level Position Recommended Group Name of Waiting List Candidate
69/2078-79 8 Senior Administrative Officer Women Rajita Kumari Sapkota
52/2078-79 7 Accounting Officer Internal Competition Devnarayan Timilsina
72/2078-79 7 Telecom Engineer (Computer) Open Ramkrishina Bhetuwal
82/2078-79 4 Assistant (Administration) Women Bipana Gyawali

For any further inquiries or to proceed with the appointment process, the candidates are advised to contact the Human Resource Department (Employee Administration Branch) located at the central office of Nepal Telecom.

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