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Nepal Telecom Published Merit List and Recommendation (Internal)

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Nepal Telecom (NTC Building)

Nepal Telecom (Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited) Central Office, Merit list and recommendation: According to the advertisement for the following vacant posts in Nepal Telecom (Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited) through internal competitive examination, the candidates who passed the written examination taken by the Public Service Commission and obtained the highest marks in the written examination and interview according to Regulation 26 of Staff Regulations, 2078 It has been decided in the meeting of the Post Purification Committee to recommend the following written candidates for appointment according to the Merit list which has been maintained in the relevant advertisement. This notice is published for the information of all those concerned who have published the merit list as per the decision.

Also, this notice is also available on the company's website:

Successful candidates are requested to contact the Central Office and HR Department of this company within 30 days from the date of publication of this notification in Gorkhapatra for an appointment.

Published date: 2079-06-07

Promotion List (Badhuwa Suchi)

Nepal Telecom

Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu

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