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Nepal Telecom Written Exam Result of 7th Level Various Positions

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Nepal Telecom (NTC Building)

Nepal Telecom Written Exam Result of 7th Level Various Positions

Nepal Telecom, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission, Central Office, has announced the publication of written examination results for various Level 7 positions for the fiscal year 2079/80. This notice is essential for all candidates who participated in the examinations under different categories, including Internal Competition, Open and Inclusive categories.

Key Information for Candidates

  1. Results for Telecom Engineers and Technical Officers

    • Ad Numbers: 35/2079-80, 53/079-80, 38/2079-80
    • Positions: Telecom Engineer (Electronics & Communication), Technical Officer
    • Exam Dates: 2080/4/21 and 22 for Engineers, 2080/4/12 and 13 for Technical Officers
    • Level: 7
    • Groups: Technical/Technician
  2. Civil Engineering Exam Results

    • Ad Numbers: 39/2079-80, 56/2079-80
    • Designation: Engineer, Civil
    • Exam Dates: 2080/4/21 and 22
    • Level: 7
    • Groups: Technical / Civil
  3. Accounts and Administration Officers

    • Ad Numbers: 40/2079-80, 41/2079-80
    • Positions: Accounts Officer, Administration Officer
    • Exam Dates: 2080/04/16 and 17 for Accounts, 2080/4/16 and 18 for Administration
    • Level: 7
    • Groups: Administration/Accounting, Administration/Administration
  4. Telecom Engineer (Electrical) and Business Officer

    • Ad Numbers: 55/2079-80, 42/2079-80
    • Positions: Telecom Engineer (Electrical), Business Officer
    • Exam Dates: 2080/4/21 and 23
    • Level: 7
    • Groups: Technical / Technical, Administration/Administration
  5. Telecom Engineer (Computer) Result Details

    • Ad Number: 54/2079-80
    • Position: Telecom Engineer (Computer)
    • Exam Dates: 2080/4/21 and 23
    • Level: 7
    • Group: Technical

Next Steps for Successful Candidates Candidates who have passed the written examination are advised to stay updated with the Public Service Commission for further information on interviews and subsequent procedures. It's important to actively communicate with the relevant agencies for updates on the next steps.

Stay Informed and Prepared All candidates are encouraged to keep in touch with the Public Service Commission's official channels for the latest updates and information. Preparing for interviews and further selection processes is crucial for the next phase of recruitment.

Written Exam Result Notice

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