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Over Half of Candidates Pass the Medical Specialist Exam, Reports Nepal Medical Council

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Nepal Medical Council

Over Half of Candidates Pass the Medical Specialist Exam, Reports Nepal Medical Council

Kathmandu, December 3, 2023 – The Nepal Medical Council (NMC) has announced that 51 percent of candidates have successfully passed the recent specialist physician license examination. Dr. Suprabhat Shrestha, the acting registrar of the council, stated that the examination, which took place 1st December 2023, Friday, 94 out of 183 candidates make the grade in 25 medical categories.

The examination, a critical assessment for medical specialists seeking to obtain their registration certificates, has become a benchmark for the council's rigorous standards. Despite a high turnout, a considerable 89 candidates fell short of the pass mark. Additionally, a minor number of six examinees were disqualified from the examination due to the absence of proper identification, a mandatory requirement as per the NMC's regulations.

In a move to ensure transparency and provide a second chance for verification, the NMC has offered an option for re-evaluation of the examination papers. Candidates disputing their results can apply for re-registration within a 35-day period, for a fee of NPR 1,500. Applications for re-evaluation must include the candidate's name and roll number and be submitted through the council's official email.

This pass rate represents a slight increase from the previous specialist registration certificate examination held in July 2023, where 48.33 percent of examinees passed. The NMC conducts these specialist examinations thrice a year as part of its commitment to maintaining professional standards within the medical sector in Nepal.

The council urges all medical professionals to abide by the examination protocols, including the stipulated identification requirements, to ensure their efforts in securing their specialist licenses are realized. For more information or to inquire about the re-evaluation process, individuals are encouraged to contact the Nepal Medical Council directly.


The Nepal Medical Council has disclosed the results of the specialist physician (registration certificate) license examination with the following statistics:

  • Candidates Tested: 183
  • Candidates Passed: 94
  • Pass Rate: 51.36%
  • Candidates Failed: 89
  • Candidates Disqualified for Lack of ID: 6
  • Previous Examination Pass Rate (July 28, 2023): 48.33%
  • Re-evaluation Application Period: 35 days
  • Re-evaluation Fee: NPR 1,500

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