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Special Program Scholarship Procedure, 2079 - Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management

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Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Special Program (Self Sustain Program) Scholarship Procedure, 2079: As it is necessary to organize and institutionalize the scholarship given by the affiliated campus/college under the authority of the Tribhuvan University Act, Regulations, and the decision of the Executive Council regarding scholarship; This procedure has been prepared for the purpose of managing the scholarship designated for the special programs run by the said faculty as per the decision of the Faculty Standing Committee of the Faculty of Management.

Number of Scholarships:

The number of scholarships provided by educational institutions for special programs will be as per schedule (2).

Type of Scholarship:

a) The affiliated campus/college under Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management shall provide the following scholarships in the special programs conducted by them.

(i) Jehendar (Meritious) Scholarship,

(ii) reserved scholarships,

(b) The scholarship as per Rule (4) will be maintained at 100% and 30% will be fully open and 70% will be distributed as reserved scholarship for students who have passed SEE / SLC from government/community schools and graduated from Angik campus.

(c) When distributing the scholarship as per sub-rule (b), it will be distributed based on schedules (1) and (2).

(d) In the case of a person receiving a scholarship as per Clause (a) and (a) of sub-rule (a), the said educational institution is allowed to charge only 5% of the total fee excluding examination fees, service fees, and registration fees.

(e) When awarding the Jehendar scholarship, the respective campus/college in each program will award the Jehendar scholarship as per clause (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5) on the basis of the examination results of the previous semester in the first semester as per schedule (1) and in case of other semesters.

(f) The basis of Schedule (1) and rule (11) of sub-rule (c) even when selected for a scholarship, if there are more than the required number of students who score the same marks, the scholarship will be awarded by Damasahi.

Quota can be transferred:

If the quota under the reserved scholarship becomes vacant, the Jehendar scholarship will be added to the quota as per clause (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5).

Scholarship Selection Committee:

(a) According to this procedure, for the selection of scholarship candidates, the head of the campus/college may form a scholarship selection committee under the coordination of himself or a person appointed by him, who must be the head of the related program and determine the number based on the need and appropriateness.


In order to be in the scholarship selection committee, children, brothers, sisters and other members of the same household should not be scholarship candidates or have a conflict of interest. If such a situation exists, the person will not be able to be a member of the said committee.

(b) According to this procedure, the candidates who have been admitted to the campus/college and applied for the scholarship as per Schedule (3) should be determined in order of merit and the details of the students should be made public.

(c) According to this procedure, the details of the students who have been selected for the scholarship must be made public and the list of students who have received the scholarship must be submitted to the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Management within 15 days after the completion of the admission process.

Minimum qualification required to be a candidate:

To apply for the scholarship, the following qualifications and conditions must be met.

(a) After passing the entrance examination conducted by the university for various special programs, they should be enrolled in the desired campus/college and apply for the scholarship as per schedule (3).

(b) Under the reserved scholarship, preference will be given to those who have studied in public/community schools from Class 10 to Class 12 for undergraduate level and who have passed SCE/SLC from public/community school and for postgraduate level from a private college. But this clause shall not be applicable for the scholarship as per clause (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5). In addition, regardless of what is stated in the scholarship quota available according to rule (5) of this procedure, in the event that the available scholarship quota remains vacant, the information of the scholarship available based on the order of merit should be informed to all those concerned.

(A) According to schedule (1), a separate merit list should be published for the students who have applied for the reserved and Jehendar scholarships.

(b) The scholarship selection committee will select the successful candidates included in the merit list of the scholarship according to schedule (1) and publish the First Scholarship Awarded List within three days. After that, if there are seats left, the candidates who have filled the form but have not received the scholarship will be acknowledged within two days and the Second Scholarship Awarded List will be published. Even after that, if the seat remains vacant, the Third Scholarship Awarded List of the candidates will be published for the last time based on the requirements.

(e) Although it is mandatory for government schools and affiliated campuses, documents proving that the school studied is an institutional/private school and affiliated campus are not required for students who have passed SCE and/or SLC and graduation from institutional/private schools and affiliated campuses.

(c) The candidate must be a Nepali citizen.

(d) Candidates applying for group (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5) must be permanent residents of districts/regions designated by the Government of Nepal as remote districts/regions and study up to class 10 in public schools of the same district/region. Must have passed.

(e) Only those who have not reached the minimum qualification level specified for the scholarship after passing from a school/campus recognized by the Government of Nepal for a period of more than 3 years (from the Completion Date mentioned in the educational certificate to the last day of application mentioned in the notification of the scholarship) can submit the application. But a certified copy of Completion Date-Year-Month-Date will also be required in the educational certificate.

(f) Clause (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5) for the scholarship of the group of Nepal as per the decision of the government of Nepal as "the poor, remote, Dalit, tribal, disabled, Madhesi, Muslim, martyrs and families of injured victims of the people's movement" from the relevant bodies/levels The recommendation should be submitted along with the application.

Required Documents to be submitted by the candidate:

(a) The following documents should also be submitted when applying for all types of scholarships.

(a) Copy of Nepali citizenship, (b) Certificate of passing SEE and/or SLC or similar examinations and copy of character certificate issued by the school,

(e) Class 12th or certificate level examination result transcript - Transcript and copy of character certificate issued by the concerned institution,

(e) Consolidated record of graduation level examination results -Transcript_and copy of character certificate issued by the concerned campus,

(b) Candidates applying for sub-rule (a) clause (a) of rule (5) must submit the following recommendation in addition to the documents as per rule (9) sub-rule (a).

(A) Recommended to have permanently settled in a district/region designated as a remote district/region by the Government of Nepal and have studied up to class 10 in a government/community school of the same district/region and passed the SEE examination.

(b) Clause (a) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5) for group scholarships as per the decision of the government of Nepal as "poor, remote, Dalit, tribal, disabled, Madhesi, Muslim, martyrs and families of injured victims of a mass movement" from the relevant bodies/levels Received recommendation.

Basis of the selection process of candidates:

The scholarship selection committee may also conduct interviews, group discussions, presentations, etc. for the candidates who apply properly from the candidates who meet the qualifications as stipulated in this procedure.

At least 40 percent marks should be obtained in the said examination. The score obtained by the candidate as per Schedule (1) will be the basis for selecting the candidate.

Publish merit list:

(a) Merit list of candidates who have scored as per schedule (1) in the examination conducted according to rule (10) of this procedure will be published.

(b) Candidates who have passed in accordance with sub-rule (a) on the basis of the marks obtained in the examination within one day of the completion of the examination as per clauses (a) and (b) of sub-rule (a) of rule (5) Rule (8) sub-rule (b) clause It will be published as per (a).

(c) While determining the merit order of the scholarship, it will be done according to schedule (1). But the marks are equal and the order of merit

If it cannot be determined, the order of merit will be determined on the basis of the educational qualification of the candidate one level below (Class 8 or Class 10).

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