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Ace School was established in 2014 as a Private educational institution, which is located at Shaktinagar-9, Gairigaoun Kathmandu, Nepal. It is also approved by the Ministry of Education. Ace School offers programs such as Elementary School, Upper Elementary School, and Secondary School Level.

Having been able to move forward in higher education making Ace School’s core values and principles the main pillars of its education system, It has worked out the teaching-learning experience in elementary and upper elementary schools to instill the values in each individual.

Its open learning environment and emphasis on holistic development (not on rhetoric and numeracy alone) enable students to develop what Howard Gardner calls 5 Minds for the Future: disciplined, synthesizing, creative, respectful and ethical.

The Aace School inspires and supports other education entrepreneurs to bring about continual improvement in its schools and its education systems. Ace belief in working together with all educational institutions so that it can bring about a radical change in its education system so that it will have a positive impact on the overall development of the nation. It looks forward to continual interaction and reviewing with other educational institutions. This will also equip youths to face the challenges of the world confidently.

Its curriculum is not limited to the national curriculum. Considering the fact that the present-day world is changing rapidly and that it now has become a global village, it has integrated components of different curriculums from around the world. Its responsibility to prepare the students to survive in any part of the world and hence limiting the curriculum would not help to serve this purpose.

The school has an open-door policy wherein the parents can come in and observe classes. It values everyone’s suggestions and tries to implement to the best of its students also considering our ideals and values.

Ace School begins its journey with a vision that children and their parents in Nepal do not have to look beyond their city of residence to find a good school. It begins its journey with a vision that children and their parents in Nepal do not have to look beyond their city of residence to find a good school.

Admission Guidelines:

To apply for admission at Ace School, students need to fill in the application form which is available at the school’s reception. The application form can also be downloaded from our website. A brief assessment of the child will be done before admission. The date and other details of the assessment will be provided at the time of submission of the application form.

The assessment is done so as to take the child forward from the level he/she is in. It is not used as a measuring tool to accept or reject a child.

However, in the upper elementary school, an aptitude test of a child will be taken to understand the child’s attitude and maturity. Since, by this age, children would have developed certain habits and beliefs, we might not be able to take them into our school if their values are totally different than ours. Though, it believes in not rejecting a child, at the same time we feel that it would be difficult for a child of upper elementary school age to fit into larger groups who have got different grooming.

Documents to be submitted with the application

  • Two passport size photographs of the students on the admission form.
  • Parent’s passport size photographs on the admission form-1 copy each.
  • Photocopy of Birth registration certification approved by the government.
  • Photocopy of last year’s progress reports from the last school attended.
  • Immunization record for Grade 1 students.
  • Transport Map-if transport is required.

Silent Features: Library, Cafeteria, Parking, Tour, Sports, Transportation, Counseling, scholarships, Classrooms, ECA, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Seminar Hall, Health Care, Regular Test, Multimedia, etc. 

Ace School in every city in Nepal and inspire and support other education entrepreneurs to bring about continual improvement in Ace School and A school education systems.

Contact Address:
Location: Shaktinagar-9, Gairigaoun Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No.: +977-1-4263048, +977-1-4265954

Email Adress: [email protected]


Infrastructure / Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Sports
  • Transportation
  • Music Room
  • Dance Room
  • Labs
    Science Lab
  • Conference
  • Multimedia
  • Parking
  • Counselling
  • Scholarship
  • Tour
  • IT Infrastructure
    Computer Lab
  • Classrooms
  • Conference Hall
    Conference Hall
  • ECA

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