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Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) focuses on a wide range of research areas to advance knowledge and innovation in agriculture. These research areas encompass various aspects of crop cultivation, livestock management, sustainable farming practices, and the overall socio-economic impact of agricultural activities. The following are the key research areas undertaken by NARC:

1. Cereals and Cash Crops: NARC conducts research on important cereals and cash crops such as rice, maize, wheat, potato, sugarcane, and jute. The objective is to develop improved varieties, enhance crop productivity, and address challenges related to diseases, pests, and climate resilience.

2. Horticulture: Research in horticulture focuses on fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. NARC explores methods to improve cultivation practices, post-harvest handling, and storage techniques, aiming to enhance the quality, yield, and value of horticultural produce.

3. Livestock and Animal Health: NARC investigates various aspects of livestock production, including breed improvement, nutrition, health management, and disease prevention. The research aims to enhance livestock productivity, promote animal welfare, and improve overall animal health.

4. Fisheries: Research in fisheries addresses aquaculture practices, fish breeding, water quality management, and sustainable fishing techniques. NARC aims to optimize fish production, conserve aquatic ecosystems, and support the livelihoods of fisher communities.

5. Pasture and Fodder: NARC focuses on research related to pasture and fodder management. This includes studying optimal grazing practices, improving forage production, and identifying suitable forage varieties to support livestock nutrition and sustainable land use.

6. Agroforestry/Farm-forestry: Research in agroforestry and farm-forestry aims to integrate trees and crops for sustainable land management. NARC explores tree-crop interactions, agroforestry systems, and their ecological and economic benefits.

7. Soil and Irrigation Management: NARC investigates soil fertility, soil conservation practices, and efficient irrigation techniques. Research in this area focuses on improving soil health, water management, and optimizing nutrient use efficiency.

8. Botany and Biotechnology: NARC conducts research in botany and biotechnology to understand plant genetics, develop improved varieties, and explore biotechnological tools for crop improvement. This research contributes to enhancing crop resilience, productivity, and disease resistance.

9. Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Plant Protection: Research in entomology, plant pathology, and plant protection focuses on studying insect pests, diseases, and their management strategies. NARC aims to develop effective pest control measures and disease-resistant crop varieties for sustainable crop production.

10. Farming Systems: NARC studies diverse farming systems and their integration to enhance productivity, sustainability, and resilience. This research area explores integrated farming approaches, agroecology, and efficient resource utilization.

11. Agri Extension: NARC conducts research in agricultural extension to improve the dissemination of research findings and best practices to farmers. This includes developing effective extension methodologies, farmer training programs, and knowledge transfer mechanisms.

12. Agri Economics and Marketing: Research in agri economics and marketing focuses on understanding market trends, value chains, and pricing mechanisms. NARC explores strategies for improving farmers' income, market access, and the overall economic viability of agricultural enterprises.

13. Food Science: Research in food science involves studying food processing, preservation, and quality assurance. NARC aims to enhance food safety, develop value-added products, and promote sustainable food processing technologies.

14. Agri Ecology and Environment: NARC researches agri ecology and the environmental impact of agricultural practices. This includes studying the interactions between agriculture and ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable land use practices.

15. Socioeconomics: Research in socioeconomics explores the social and economic aspects of agriculture. NARC investigates the impact of agricultural policies, rural livelihoods, gender dynamics, and socio-cultural factors influencing agricultural development.

16. Other Fields Related to Agriculture: NARC also engages in research areas that are closely related to agriculture, including agricultural engineering, rural development, climate change adaptation, and natural resource management.

Through its extensive research efforts in these diverse areas, NARC aims to generate knowledge, innovation, and practical solutions to address the challenges faced by Nepal's agricultural sector.

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