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The municipal executive office of the Rampur Municipality (रामपुर नगरपालिका) is located at Bejhang, Rampur, Palpa, Lumbini Pradesh, Nepal. Rampur Nagarpalika is an autonomous (self-government) local government of Nepal.

Rampur Municipality Palpa has been providing various kinds of local-level public services such as road construction, water supply, local level development projects, urban planning, local administrative service, social security, finest utilization of local resources, education, agriculture, transportation, environment protection, Communication service, Forestry, healthcare services, electricity, infrastructure development, tax collection, land registration, Sanitation, Social Welfare distribution, land registration, birth, and death registration, etc.

Contact Details:

Rampur Municipality (रामपुर नगरपालिका)

Bejhang, Rampur, Palpa, Lumbini Pradesh, Nepal

Phone: +977-75-400145

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Rampur Municipality, Palpa


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