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Services Offered by the National Investigation Department (NID - Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag) of Nepal

The National Investigation Department (NID - Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag) stands as Nepal's premier intelligence agency, operating under the direct supervision of the Office of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. This critical institution plays a foundational role in safeguarding the nation's security, integrity, and interests across multiple fronts.

Core Functions and Services

1. Intelligence Collection and Analysis

  • Public Security and Sovereignty: The NID is at the forefront of collecting and analyzing intelligence related to threats against Nepal's public security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.
  • Economic and Financial Security: It plays a vital role in monitoring economic crimes, corruption, financial fraud, and activities undermining economic stability.

2. Specialized Crime Prevention

  • Counter-Terrorism and Cross-Border Crimes: The NID is integral in identifying and mitigating domestic and cross-border terrorism activities.
  • Organized Crime: It combats organized crime networks involved in narcotics, human trafficking, money laundering, and arms dealing.

3. Cyber Security and Digital Investigation

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: The agency is tasked with protecting national digital infrastructure and addressing cyber threats.
  • Digital Crime Investigation: It investigates digital space crimes, including cyber fraud and online harassment.

4. Public Engagement and Confidential Reporting

  • Information Submission Platform: NID encourages citizens to contribute to national security by providing a secure platform for reporting suspicious activities.
  • Ensuring Informant Protection: The department guarantees the confidentiality and safety of individuals providing crucial intelligence.

5. National and International Collaboration

  • Security Awareness and Training: NID conducts educational programs to enhance public and governmental understanding of security issues.
  • Global Cooperation: It collaborates with international intelligence and security agencies, sharing knowledge and resources to bolster Nepal's security posture.

Distinctive Position within Nepal's Security Framework

As a pivotal component of Nepal's security apparatus, the NID works alongside other major security agencies, including the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Army. However, it operates independently from the Central Investigation Bureau (a branch of Nepal Police) and the Directorate of Military Intelligence (a branch of the Nepal Army), focusing on a broad spectrum of national security concerns beyond the scope of these entities.


The National Investigation Department of Nepal is a linchpin in the nation's security and intelligence framework, dedicated to preserving national integrity, combating crime, and fostering a secure environment for all Nepalis. By providing comprehensive services across intelligence gathering, crime prevention, and cybersecurity, the NID plays an indispensable role in maintaining peace, stability, and security in Nepal.

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