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Admission in Master Program and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Program - TU FoHSS

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Admission in Master Program and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Program

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Master and PGD Programs under the Dean's Office Announcement for the Admission in Master Program and Post Graduate Diploma Program

As per the notice of FOHSS/TU dated 2078/03/21, announcing the opening of new admission in MA level for the Academic Year 2021 AD,

the following Master's and PGD Program announces admission processes as following;


  • Eligibility for admission is as per the curriculum of the concerned departments/programs.

Admission Schedule

  • Last date of the form submission: 2078/04/20 (4 August 2021 A.D.)
  • Form submission after payment of double fee: up to 2078/04/28 (12 August 2021 A.D.)
  • Class commences from 2078/05/20 (5 September 2021 A.D.)
  • Application form for Master and PGD Program is to be submitted at respective departments/programs physically or online (at FoHSS website: or
  • Entrance date, time, and center

Master Program:

1. Conflict, Peace, and Development (Morning)

Contact: 014332631; 9841364981,;

Bank & Account No.: Bank of Katlu-nandu Ltd. Account Name: Department of Conflict, Peace & Development Studies, TU Account No. 060000061535524

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 31st Shrawan, 08:00 - 10:00 AM

2. Counselling Psychology (Morning)

Contact: 9849422222; 9851121830

Bank & Account No.: Nepal Bank Ltd., Kirtipur, 04500106368792000001

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 31th Shrawan, 01:00- 02:30 PM

3. Gender Studies (Day)

Contact: 01-4272128;[email protected]

Bank & Account No.: Nepal Bank Ltd. Kantipath, Ac/N. 21700100198070000001

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 32 Shrawan, 01:00- 03:00 PM

4. Governance and Anti-corruption Studies (Morning)

Contact: 01-4330345; 9841087180

Bank & Account No.: Global IMF Bank, Kirtipur, AC/No. 0501010000577

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 1st Bhadra, 08:00 - 10:00 AM

5. International Relation and Diplomacy (Morning)

Contact: 01-4335586; 9851166426, [email protected];; 

Bank & Account No.: Global IME Bank (Kirtipur), Bank Account No: 0501010000543, A/C Name: Department of International Relations and Diplomacy

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 30th Shrawan, 08:00- 10:00 AM

6. Labour Studies (Evening)

Contact: 9841463717; 98414150779, [email protected];

Bank & Account No.: Nepal Bank Ltd.(Kirtipur), A/C No. 04500106802180000001

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 2nd Bhadra, 01:00— 03:00 AM

7. Social Work (Morning)

Contact: 9841599135

Bank & Account No.: Global IMF Bank (Kirtipur), Account No.: 0501010000279

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 2nd Bhadra, 08:00- 10:00 PM

8. Sports Science (Morning)

Contact: 9851014504; 9841382286

Bank & Account No.: Nepal Bank Ltd (Kirtipur), AC: Master in Sports Science program, AC/N. 04500100105021000001

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 3rd Bhadra 08:00— 10:00 AM

9. Tourism and Hospitality Studies (Evening)

Contact: 01-5527209; 9851081280, [email protected]

Bank & Account No.: Global IME Bank (Kirtipur), Account Name: TU Master in Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Ac/N. 0501010000471

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 32nd Shrawan, 01:00-02:30 PM

Post Graduate Program:

10. PGD in School Counseling (Department of Psychology)

Contact: 9841491747; 9841400414

Bank & Account No.: Global IME Bank, Kirtipur, AC Name: POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN SCHOOL, COIJNSEILLING, AC/N. 0501010000407

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 3rd Bhadra 01:00- 03:00 PM

11. PGDY Yoga Since (Morning) (Department of Sanskrit)

Contact: 9841587473; 014334272

Bank & Account No.: Nepal Bank Ltd, Kirtipur Ac/ Name-PGDY Yoga AC/N. 04500100104642000002

Entrance Exam Date/Time: 32nd Shrawan, 08:00— 10:00 AM


  • Students who are waiting for the results of Bachelor 3rd year can also apply. However, they have to submit a passed certificate at the time of admission.
  • For the details of admission procedures, eligibility, criteria, and selection process contact to respective department and program and the website of the dean's office:
  • The application form is to be submitted by paying Rs. 1500/- (Rs One thousand and five hundred only) in the given bank account number of respective Department and Program.

Heads of the Department/Program

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