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KU Launches BIT Double Degree Program in Collaboration with CIHE Australia

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KU Launches BIT Double Degree Program in Collaboration with CIHE Australia

Kathmandu University (KU) Launches BIT Double Degree Program in Collaboration with Australia's CIHE

Kathmandu University (KU), a renowned educational institution in Nepal, has announced an exciting opportunity for students aspiring to excel in the field of information technology. In a groundbreaking initiative, the university is introducing a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) double degree program. This program is set to be conducted in partnership with the Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) in Australia, offering a unique international educational experience.

Collaborative Educational Approach

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive and global perspective in IT education. Students enrolling in this four-year course will spend the first two years studying in Nepal at Kathmandu University. The journey continues in Australia, where students will complete their final two years at CIHE. This collaboration between the two distinguished institutions signifies a blend of diverse educational cultures and expertise.

Admission Criteria and Process

Prospective students must meet specific criteria to be eligible for this program:

  • A background in science during their 12th-grade studies.
  • A minimum academic achievement of 50% or a 2.0 CGPA in their final results.

The program can accommodate up to 30 students per enrollment period, ensuring a focused and quality learning environment. Interested candidates should note that the admission process commences on 21st January, with the deadline for application submissions being 8th February.

Program Structure and Academic Opportunities

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), a unique collaborative effort between Kathmandu University (KU) in Nepal and the Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) in Australia, offers a dynamic and multicultural educational journey. This undergraduate program is structured to provide students with two years of study at KU, followed by another two years at CIHE, accommodating up to 30 students per intake. This approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience in two different academic cultures.

Flexibility and Degree Options

The BIT program offers considerable flexibility. Students who prefer to stay in Nepal or face challenges in obtaining an Australian visa can transition to the Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence programs at KU. If more than 50% of the intake opts for this, KU will offer a complete BIT program, allowing students to graduate with a BIT degree from Kathmandu University itself. Those completing their studies at CIHE will receive double degrees, making this program both academically enriching and cost-effective.

Eligibility and Visa Information

Eligibility for this program includes:

  • Completion of +2 Science with Physics, Chemistry/Computer Science, and Mathematics.
  • A minimum of 50% marks or a CGPA of 2.0 or equivalent.

Students aiming for the Australian leg of the program should have strong academic records, good English proficiency, and meet the financial requirements for an Australian student visa. For detailed visa information, applicants can visit the official Australian immigration website.

Admission Timeline and Documents

The key dates and requirements for the admission process are as follows:

  • Application notice: 20 January 2024.
  • Registration and Application: Open from 21 January to 7 February 2024.
  • Deadline for Application Form and Payment: 8 February 2024.
  • Entrance Exam and Admission Dates: To be announced.

Required documents include academic transcripts, degree certificates, a CV, a photograph, and optionally, a copy of the passport.

Degree and Credit Transfer

Students will be registered at both KU and CIHE, with credit transfers at the end of each semester. Graduates will receive a double degree from both institutions or a single degree from KU, depending on their program path. A special convocation will be held in Nepal with representatives from CIHE.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • KU Scholarships: Full scholarship for the topper, 50% for the second topper, and 25% for the third topper each semester.
  • CIHE Scholarships: Dean’s Award (10-15% tuition fee reduction for high academic achievements) and a special 50% tuition fee waiver for the top student from the KU-CIHE program based on their CGPA for three semesters.