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KU School of Law to Starts LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law

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Kathmandu University Notice

KU School of Law to Starts LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law: Kathmandu University (KU) is going to start teaching energy and infrastructure subjects in the law faculty at the post-graduate level from the next academic session. For the first time in Nepal, KU has prepared to start LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law (LLM).

In collaboration with Kathmandu University (KU) and the Board of Investment, a program was organized in Kathmandu on Sunday. The Dean of Kathmandu University School of Law Prof. Rishikesh Wagle said that the Dean's office has completed all preparations to start teaching LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law (LLM) from February 2023.

The two-year LLM programs will be taught in four semesters. The course has been approved by the University Academic Council. The Dean's office will further modify the curriculum by incorporating the suggestions from Sunday's discussion. A two-year LLM will be completed for around four lakh rupees.

Arrangements will be made to enroll a maximum of 20 students in one batch in LLM, which will be taught at the university's central campus in Dhulikhel. Since there is no expert manpower in the field of energy and infrastructure law in Nepal so far, KU School of Law is going to start the subject of energy and infrastructure law in order to produce the expert manpower needed by the country in this sector.

In order to provide expert manpower in Nepal to solve the problems in the energy and infrastructure sector in an academic manner, KU has decided to teach LLM subjects from the next academic session. Graduate pass students in law, management and economics can apply to study this subject. According to Kathmandu School of Law, the class will be conducted both online and in person, keeping in mind the students' convenience.

The teaching and learning of this course will be completely practical. The class will be mainly lecture, discussion, seminar, case study and role based. LLM in Energy and Infrastructure, especially the law related to tunnels, highways, hydroelectricity and other big projects of Nepal is not studied. But currently there are more cases in Nepal on these issues. Foreign investment has been affected due to lack of legal studies and expertise. 

In LLM, which is about to be launched by KU, the subjects of law in domestic and foreign practices are studied in these fields. In addition, four months of training has also been arranged for the students who take training in these subjects. But the qualification certificate of subject-wise training will not be academic. Those who have completed the two-year academic course will have a certificate of academic qualification.

The two-year course includes the subjects of procurement, construction, taxation, financial system, regulatory system, industrial investment, foreign investment, infrastructure legislation. In the current situation, there is a need for manpower who knows the law in the fuel and infrastructure sector, so KU has organized an LLM course to address the needs of the state.

Participating in the program, Paras Kunwar, who oversees the international banking sector of Nabil Bank, suggested that the subject will be meaningful only if the LLM energy and infrastructure manpower who will be produced now conduct a case study on the laws of these subjects. There is a case of Melamchi in Manbil Bank. "Students can collaborate with Nabil Bank and study the cases in the bank," Kunwar suggested.

Chief Executive of Investment Board Er. Susil Bhatt suggested that LLM should have a course that imparts social and practical knowledge rather than theory. He emphasized that LLM based on energy and infrastructure law will play a key role in achieving the goals of sectoral development.

Law Minister Govinda Prasad Sharma praised KU for the first time in Nepal for starting the study of law in the field of fuel and infrastructure to assist the country in producing the required manpower. Currently, all the universities are teaching the same subjects, but KU has completed the study and research about the manpower needed by the country and has completed the preparation to start the teaching of LLM.


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