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MPhil and Ph.D. in English, TESOL, and Nepali at Far Western University

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MPhil and Ph.D. in English, TESOL, and Nepali at Far Western University:

Far Western University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education MPhil/Ph.D. Admission Spring Semester 2021

Far Western University (FWU) invites applications for admissions to interdisciplinary MPhil/Ph.D. programs in English, TESOL, and Nepali under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Education, and Curriculum, Planning, and Leadership under the Faculty of Education.

Students who have secured a grade of 3 on a 4-point scale or the equivalent of the second division in Master's degree in the relevant subject from any recognized university may apply for admissions to MPhil/Ph.D. coursework program and those with MPhil degree in relevant subject from any recognized university may apply for Ph.D. directly.

Students seeking admissions to the aforementioned programs may visit Far Western University's Website, in and submit the online admission form to the respective faculty along with a statement of purpose (five hundred words), a writing sample (one thousand words), and a bank voucher of Rs. 3000 in order to appear in the entrance examination.

Admission Details:

Form submission deadline: 17 January 2021   (4 Magh 2077)

Entrance examination: 18 January 2021   (5 Magh 2077)

Personal interview: 19-22 January 2021     (6-9 Magh 2077)

Result publication: 23 January 2021 (10 Magh 2077)

Admissions: 24-31 January 2021 (11-18 Magh 2077)

Course Induction: 1-3 Feb 2021 (19-21 Magh 2077)

Classes begin: 04 February 2021 (22 Magh 2077)

For further details, contact:

Dean's Office

Phone: 099-520727