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PCL Nursing Admission Open 2079 (Full Fee Paying) from CTEVT

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PCL Nursing Full Fee Paying Admission Open 2079 from CTEVT: Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Controlling Office of Examination Sanothimi, Bhaktapur information about filling the application form for the full-fee paying certificate level nursing (PCL Nursing) program in the academic session 2079/080

According to the decision of Vice President level of Technical Education and Vocational Training Council dated 26-04-2079 in the academic session 2079/080 in the certificate level nursing program conducted by Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT); Constituent, partner and private level educational institutes that have been affiliated/approved by CTEVT will select students from those who have qualified for the full-fee program according to the "Guidelines for Conducting Diploma and Certificate Level Entrance Examination, Scholarship Distribution and Admission 2079" issued by the Examination Control Office. This notification has been published for the information of all concerned to fill the application form properly submit within 2079 Bhadra 10th.

It is requested that students who have passed the SLC/SEE/Pre-Diploma/TSLC level will be selected in order of merit in the programs and quotas according to the marks awarded for the educational qualification submitted and the sum of the marks obtained in the entrance examination.

In addition, detailed information regarding this is mentioned in the "Diploma and Certificate Level Entrance Examination Conduct, Scholarship Distribution and Admission Guide 2079", so please study the admission guide posted at

In addition, this notice is published for the information of all concerned, including the name, address, approved quota number and other detailed information of the educational institutions authorized to conduct the program by the council at

Details regarding filling and submission of application form:

(1) Entrance Test Fee: 1,500.

No school shall be allowed to charge more than the prescribed fee. If it is proved that it has been taken, the concerned examinee will have to pay damages at the rate of Rs.10,000.- (ten thousand only) per examinee. If the amount of damages is not paid, it will be according to the prevailing law.

(2) Form distribution date: 2079 Shravan 29th from Sunday.

(3) Last date for submission of form: 2079 Bhadra 09 till Thursday.

(4) Where to obtain and submit the form: The application form should be downloaded and filled out from The above-mentioned study should be presented to the school in which you want to study.

(5) Date of conduct of entrance examination: 2079 Bhadra 17th at 3:00 PM

(6) Examination Centre: Examination center name and address will be published later.

(7) While approving the application form, the principal of the concerned school/training center/college should approve the signature of the candidate on the photograph attached to the form and stamp the seal of the institution on the form. The necessary proofs and documents to be submitted along with the form must be verified by the examinee himself and submitted in a list. The responsibility of approving and verifying the form and the documents attached with the form and verifying whether they are correct and providing the list of documents attached with the form to the examinee will be the responsibility of the principal/head of the concerned school or the authorized staff appointed by him. If there is a difference in the submitted details, the principal/head of the concerned school should be responsible for it.

(8) The concerned schools should submit the application forms filled by the examinees to the Web Based Online Integrated Training Management System (ITMS) provided by the Examination Control Office from Thursday 30th Shravan 2079 to Saturday 11th Bhadra 2079 at 12:00 PM. If the application form filled by the examinee is not in ITMS Online within the date specified by the concerned school, the application form will not be accepted and the such examinee will not be included in the merit list. The relevant school will be responsible for it.

(9) The following fees related to the entrance examination shall be deposited by the educational institution in the National Commercial Bank having the account of the relevant provincial office of the Council and the name of the educational institution and the purpose of the amount shall be clearly mentioned in the deposited voucher.

(a) Entrance examination fee per candidate for the full fee for certificate level nursing is Rs. 1,500. At the rate of, the entrance examination fees and information publication fee equal to the total number of entrance examinations should be paid to the account mentioned in the notice published by the examination control office. A receipt should be obtained from the provincial office.

Explanation: The educational institution will not be allowed to charge any other fee from the examinees in addition to the mentioned fee. If it is proven that such an amount has been taken, the punishment will be according to the prevailing law.

(b) No other expenses will be provided from the examination control office and the relevant councils, or provincial offices for the conduct of the entrance examination and the publication of the results.

(10) Every educational institution participating in the entrance examination shall pay the following fee in one lump sum to the respective provincial office of the council.

(a) Entrance Examination Fee 1,500 per candidate. Lump sum to be made at the rate of

(b) Per program Rs. 5,000.00 per information publication fee and if more than one program is conducted in the same school, an additional amount of Rs.3,000.00 per program will have to be paid.

(Notice published on 2079-4-27)

Download Application Form:

Full Fee Paying Open Quota

Full Fee Paying Targeted Quota

Full Fee Paying Pre-Diploma Quota

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