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5 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Article 31 Dec 2018 2233 0

5 Most Common Job Inteview Questions and Answers

The ways to get any job go through the interviews. If you do not give the correct answers to all the questions in the interviews, then it is difficult to get a job. Here we are going to tell you 5 questions and their answers that every candidate in interviews. So let's know those questions about their 5 questions and their answers, whose correct answer increases the chances of getting a job.

The 5 common questions asked in the interview and their possible answer:

Tell me about yourself?

The first question asked in all interviews is this, tell me about yourself? The main reason for the Candidate to ask this question is that the employer wants to know the Candidate's Confidence level and Communication Skills. When responding to this question, the candidate should avoid doing from talking about thinking, stabbing, talking, telling names about your hobbies after giving the name.

Answer: When you are asked to tell about yourself, your answer should end in just 50 seconds. When answering this question, you should tell your full name, from which city, the percentage of school education and college education such as courses and percentages. You only have to tell similar things that are related to that company and that job. Apart from this, no frivolous thing should be avoided.

What do you know about the company?

Asking this question reasons how serious you are about this job. The interviewers want to know what you have prepared for this interview independently from others. When responding to this question, you should tell the overview about the company in detail whether your company is best in this area.

Answer: To answer this question, you have to tell that your company has been working in this field for so many years. Your company has received this award this year and can do so.

Why did you choose this field as a profession only?

This is also the regular question that is asked in every interview. The interviewer also wants to identify whether you are interested in this work or not. Keep in mind the answer to this question, there is a lot of money in this work, I have completed graduation from this stream, and my parents dreamed.

Answer: While answering this question, you should answer the questions about your academic qualification. In your reply, it should not be done at all that you want to works in this field after coming in some compulsion or in somebody's talk.

What about your qualifications?

The interviewer wants to know how much optimistic you are and how much you know about your qualifications. While responding to this question, I am most meticulous to the candidate, or I can do more like answering questions should be avoided.

Answer: You can say before making any work, I will formulate a plan for him or her and think about every portion related to it. Then I try to my best to complete that work, perhaps that quality is the best for me.

Tell about your weakness?

In all interviews, this question is general. All the way through this question, the interviewer tries to know how your attitude and patience are. But often people make these mistakes in answer to this question. They say I get irritated soon, I get more sleep; give me incorrect answers like patience etc.

Answer: To answer this question, you can say that I take more time to complete some task than the planned time. Or you can also say that it takes a little more time for me to complete any work because I do my work with perfection.

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