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Nepal Rastra Bank New Syllabus for Officer and Assistant Level

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Nepal Rastra Bank Building

Revised Syllabus for Nepal Rastra Bank's Competitive Exams

Attention all job seekers and aspiring candidates! The Human Resource Management Department of the Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Office has officially announced updates to the syllabus for open competitive examinations. This notice is pertinent for various positions within the Administrative and Technical Services departments. The revision is effective from Bhadra 18, 2080.

Target Audience

  • Job applicants interested in the banking sector
  • Current employees looking for a promotion
  • Educational institutions and coaching centers
  • Career consultants


  • To keep everyone updated on the new syllabus
  • To guide the preparation strategies of candidates
  • To ensure clarity and uniformity in the examination process

Positions Affected by Syllabus Revision

For Administration Services

  • Assistant Director, (Officer III)
  • Assistant Director, Accounts / Audit (Officer Tertiary)
  • Assistant Director, Commercial Law (Officer III)
  • Assistant Director, International Law (Officer Tertiary)
  • Assistant, Assistant II
  • Assistant (Law), Assistant II

For Technical Services

  • Assistant Director, Information Technology (Officio III)
  • Assistant Director (Information Technology / Cyber Security) (Authorized III)
  • Assistant (Information Technology), Assistant II

Where to Find the Updated Syllabus

The revised syllabus for all the mentioned positions is available for download on the official Nepal Rastra Bank website. You can access it here.

What's New in the Syllabus?

The syllabus for the following positions has been updated:

  • Assistant Director roles across multiple specializations including Accounts, Commercial Law, and International Law
  • Technical roles focused on Information Technology and Cyber Security
  • Assistant roles in both Administrative and Technical Services

Why is this Update Important?

Being aware of the updated syllabus is crucial for:

  • Effective Preparation: Knowing the exact syllabus helps you prepare more effectively.
  • Resource Allocation: Allocate your time and resources to topics that are actually relevant.
  • Success in Exams: Your chances of success improve significantly when you study according to the updated syllabus.

Download the Syllabus for the following Positions:

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