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Department of Customs Postponed Written Exam of Customs Agent

Exam 21 Jan 2022 934 0

Department of Customs (Bhansar Bibhag)

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Department of Customs, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Postponed the written examination of the customs agent.

As per the notice dated 2077-12-16 of the Department of Customs, the application has been invited for the license of the customs agent as per Rule 37 (1) of the Customs Rules, 2064; The written examination, which was postponed due to the epidemic of Covid-19, has been fixed by the Customs Department to be conducted on 2078-10-29. The written examination program of the customs agent, which is being conducted by the Department of Customs, has been postponed for now.

As soon as the situation becomes comfortable, the date of the examination will be published and all concerned will be informed. Notice of Postponement of Written Examination Program of Customs Agent (Published Date: 2078-10-07)