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Exam Date, Time, and Center for Korean Language EPS-TOPIK (UBT-2022) Exam

Exam 26 May 2022 66750 0

EPS Korea

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment, E.P.S. Korea Branch, Gwarko Lalitpur. Important information regarding the examination center of the Korean language test EPS-TOPIK (UBT-2022) in the field of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Exam date, time, and center for Korean language EPS-TOPIK (UBT-2022) examination in the field of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to be conducted from 2079-02-19 (accordingly June 02, 2022) of Nepali workers going to the Republic or under the Employment Permit System (EPS). The following is a request for information regarding the transaction.

Exam start date: - Date 2079-02-19 (accordingly June 02, 2022).

Examination Center - CBT Building, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur District

Location and time of biometric registration: - Music City Hall near EPS Korea branch, on the day before the exam, according to the exam session,

Exam Time for Biometric Verification and Orientation of candidates Exam Time
First Shift  From 8:00 AM 10:00 AM
Second Shift From 9:30 AM 11:30 AM
Third Shift From 12:30 PM 2:00 PM

Applicants should pay attention to the exam:

  • Each of the applicants should be able to sit in their respective places inside the examination hall before the scheduled time of the examination.
  • Applicants should be clear about their examination center, date and time of the examination and will not be included in the examination except for the examination center, date and time specified under any pretext.
  • Applicants have to submit this EPS at the same time as per their Session to take the exam one day before the day of the exam. Korea branch nearby
  • You have to register your biometric (2186 7) at Music City Hall. Also, before entering the examination hall, after verifying the biometric (Finger Print) at the specified place of the examination center, it will be admitted in the examination hall.
  • Biometric (Finger Print) Registrar and Proctor and HRD-Korea staff will also verify the identity of each applicant at the time of examination. Mentioned documents will not be included in the examination.
  • Applicants will not be allowed to go to the toilet during the examination period and leave the examination hall even after the examination is over.
  • After entering the examination center, you will not be allowed to leave the examination center under any pretext until the language test (UBT) and skill test are completed.
  • Applicants are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones, smart watches, cassette players, PDAs, MP3s and other electronic devices or books, cheats etc. in the examination room. If someone brings such equipment, it will be considered as improper act in the examination. Also, since there is no provision to keep these equipments in the examination center, they will be responsible if they are lost or stolen. Therefore, it is requested not to bring such equipment in the examination center.
  • Applicants who do improper work in the exam will be expelled from the exam and action will be taken according to the law and they will be barred from participating in the EPS-TOPIK exam for the next four years. If the person helping to commit irregularities is an EPS worker, the visa will be canceled by keeping records. Also, any person who assists in such work will be immediately arrested and strict action will be taken according to the law. The person who provides information regarding the person who tries to do irregular work will be rewarded and the identity of the informant will be kept confidential.
  • One hour before the commencement of the examination, the candidates will be given orientation inside the examination hall.
  • Every applicant should take measures to prevent covid. Before entering the examination hall, you must wear a mask, clean your hands with a sanitizer and check your body temperature. Also, shaking hands with friends will be banned.
  • Examiners are again advised to be especially vigilant in this regard as a large number of candidates have been deprived of taking the exam in the past years due to not being able to sit at the designated place inside the examination hall one hour before the commencement of the examination.
  • Details related to the examination can be obtained from the branch's website

Published date: 2079-02-12

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