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Lok Sewa Aayog Examination Schedule of Various Position

Lok Sewa Aayog Examination Center of Various Position: As per the annual work schedule of Fiscal Year 077.78, advertisements were published by the Public Service Commission, and the examinations for various services, groups, and posts were postponed due to the impact of COVID-19 which has spread worldwide.

For the purpose of conducting the examination as per the pre-determined examination schedule as per the pre-determined examination schedule as per the decision of the Commission of Health in accordance with the decision of the Government of Nepal and the criteria of examination (operation and management) in case of transition approved by the Commission.


1) Candidates should use only black ink dot pen/pen in the answer sheet.

2) Since no candidate will be allowed to appear in the examination without the admission card, he/she will have to arrive at the examination building at least one hour before the conduct of the examination.

3) It is prohibited to bring mobile phones and other electronic devices to the examination building.

4) Even if there is an unexpected leave on the day of conducting the examination, the scheduled examination program shall not be postponed without the prior notice of the Commission.

5) Candidates must bring their certificate of Nepali citizenship or national identity card or any other certificate issued by the government body with their picture along with their admission card when they come to the examination center.

6) When the candidate comes to the examination center, he/she should wear a face shield/mask for his / her purpose and also bring sanitizer keeping in mind the infection of Covid-19. You will have to manage your own drinking water.

7) All the candidates will have to go to the website of the Commission about their health condition and fill the form declaration related to Covid through an electronic medium.

8) As a special examination center will be set up for Kovid-19 infected candidates, such candidates will have to inform in advance that they are infected in the telephone number 01-4771473 (Examination Operations Branch) of the Commission.

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