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MEC Urgent Notice for Post Graduate Level Common Entrance Examination (MECEE-PG 2021)

Exam 17 Jan 2022 1780 0

Medical Education Commission Notice

Medical Education Commission publishes Important Information for Candidates Participating in Post Graduate Level Common Entrance Examination (MECEE-PG 2021)

All the candidates who have been approved by the Medical Education Commission to apply for the examinations to be conducted from 2078-10-06 to 2078-10-10 for various educational programs of MECEE-PG 2021 at the postgraduate level of Medical Education must comply with the health standards prescribed by the Government of Nepal. Report of COVID / PCR Antigen Test done within 72 hours from the time of commencement or hard copy of the vaccine card vaccinated against two doses of Covid should be submitted to the concerned examination center.

Also, if the result of COVID / PCR Antigen is positive, then it is arranged to take the test in a separate room; It is advised to make the report available in the office email address [email protected] within office hours on the day before the examination.

Notice for Foreign Candidates appearing MECEE-2021:

The candidates appearing MECEE-2021 are required to abide by the public health safety measures as declared by the Government of Nepal, including submission of a hard copy of the COVID PCR/Antigen test performed within 72 hours before the examination, at the exam Centre. Since there is the provision of a separate room for COVID Positive examinees, the candidates should send the report to [email protected] including the name of the examinee, academic program, roll number, and exam centre within office hour of the previous day of the examination.

Medical Education Commission (MEC) Entrance Exam