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Nepal Army Examinee Suspensions and Actions Taken on Examination Irregularities

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Examinee Suspensions and Actions Taken on Examination Irregularities

The Public Service Commission, Examination Conducting Branch (Security Agency and Organized Organization) has recently issued a notice regarding actions taken against examinees involved in irregular conduct during written exams of Nepal Army Sainya Posts. This notice insights into the details of these notices and the subsequent consequences faced by the individuals in question.

Key Takeaways:

  • Irregular Conducts Noticed: Certain examinees were found indulging in malpractices like exchanging answer sheets and using someone else's credentials.

  • Actions Taken: The Commission has taken severe measures against the wrongdoers, which include suspension from any written examination conducted by the Commission for a specified period.

  • Primary Purpose: Ensuring that the integrity of the examination process remains uncompromised and setting a precedent for future examinees.

Detailed Insights:

  1. Exchanging Answer Sheets:

    • Two examinees from Nepal Army 079/80/69, Sainya, NWY 2392, and NWY 2436 were caught exchanging their answer sheets.
    • Consequence: The individual's current examination was canceled, and he was suspended from participating in any written examination conducted by the commission for the next two years.
  2. Misusing Identity:

    • Another incident involved an examinee from Nepal Army 079/80/69, Sainya, NWY 3201, who was discovered using the credentials of Lok Bahadur Budha, a resident of Dailekh.
    • Consequence: The commission canceled the written examination for the said candidate and imposed a two-year ban on any further written exams.
  3. Impersonation:

    • In a rather grave incident, an individual from Nepal Army 079/80/69, Sainya, NWY 1054 was found impersonating another examinee.
    • Consequence: His/her current written examination was annulled, and a suspension of three years from any commission-conducted written examination was imposed. Moreover, a written report to the police head office was recommended for necessary action against the impersonator.

The PSC remains staunch in its commitment to uphold the sanctity and authenticity of the examination process. Examinees are urged to act with integrity and honesty, keeping in mind the severe consequences that follow any deviation from the rules. This action by the Commission sends out a clear message that any form of cheating or malpractice will not be tolerated.

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