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Nepal Army Sainya Post Kathmandu Medical Examination Date, Time and Place

Exam 27 Dec 2021 2433 0

Nepal Army Notice

.Shree Recruitment Selection Directorate, Karayarathi Bibhag, Jangi Adda Notice regarding Medical Examination Date and Time: According to the advertisement published in the Gorkhapatra daily on 2078-05-18 to fill the vacancies in the approved posts of the Nepal Army through open and inclusive competition; Since the following candidates have passed the written examination conducted by the Public Service Commission on 2078-08-18 for the male and female candidates who have passed the Wearing and Pre-Medical and Physical examinations by applying; This information has been published for the information of all concerned.

Detailed health examination of the candidates who have passed the written examination will be conducted at Shri Virendra Hospital, Cantonment; Candidates are kindly requested to appear for the detailed health check-up along with the admission card provided by this directorate, the original citizenship of the person concerned and a signed 2/2 size photo on the date and time mentioned below. Candidates are also advised to take with them the amount required for the detailed health examination.

As per the work of detailed health examination and publication of results, detailed health examination and publication of results; All concerned are advised to attend Shri Virendra Hospital, Chhauni on time.

In case of any confusion regarding the examination, information can be obtained by contacting the telephone number 01-4246950 or mobile number 9863031561 of this directorate during office hours.

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