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Nepal Army Schedule of experimental exam of Various Technical Positions (internal)

Exam 10 Jan 2022 638 0

Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department Schedule of experimental examinations for technical (internal) posts of various trades

In order to fill the vacancies within the sanctioned posts of the Nepal Army by selecting the technical positions of various trades from the internal competition, the candidates who have passed the written examination will have to undergo an experimental examination on the relevant date, time, and place. This information has been published for the information of all the candidates who are required to be present along with the entry form provided by this directorate.

Additional instructions to candidates appearing for the experimental test:

(A) Candidates should be present in field attire.

(B) Writing materials and necessary materials for the examination to be brought by the candidate himself.

(C) If the candidate is absent due to absence on the date, time, and place specified for the examination, he/she shall not be re-admitted in the examination.

(D) In ​​case of any dilemma regarding the examination, information can be obtained by contacting the telephone number 01-4246950 or mobile number 9863031561 of this directorate during office hours.

(E) This information can also be seen in the Exam Notice of JOIN THE ARMY Recruitment and Selection of Nepal Army website

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