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Section Officer Exam Center - Lok Sewa Aayog Pokhara

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Section Officer Exam Center - Lok Sewa Aayog Pokhara

Section Officer Exam Center - Lok Sewa Aayog Pokhara:

Public Service Commission, Pokhara Office, Pokhara

Notice of Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) Examination Center

Public Service Commission, Central Office, Anamnagar, Kathmandu Advertisement Number 16686-16692 / 076-77 (Open and Inclusive) Competitive Written Examination of the candidates who have approved the application form from Pokhara Online by holding the examination center of the third class (Legal), Justice / Law / Government Advocacy Group, Branch Officer or the like. This information is published for the notice about all the practices established by the Center.

Examination related program, Date and Time of Examination and Exam Building:

First Paper: Administrative System - 2076/12/17, 2:00 PM (Exam Date and Time)

Second Paper: Contemporary Subject - 2076/12/18, 2:00 PM (Exam Date and Time)

Third Paper: Contemporary Law and Excercise - 2076/12/19, 2:00 PM (Exam Date and Time)

Exam Center: Lok Sewa Aayog, Pokhara Office, Examination Building

Total Candidates: 182


A) Even if unexpected departure occurs on the day of the examination, the examination will not be postponed without the prior notice of the Commission.

B) Mobile and electronic materials are prohibited in the examination hall.

C) The calculator cannot be used in the objective multiple choice question.

D) Only black ink should be used in the exam.

E) The candidate must take his admit card and go to the exam building.

F) Except for the designated examination center, the examination center will not be included.

G) At the time of the exam, the candidate must take the original certificate along with a certificate of Nepali citizenship or a photo issued from the government office.

Lok Sewa Aayog

Anamnagar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951