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Taskforce Submitted Report of SEE and Class 12 Examination Modalities

Exam 28 May 2021 1564 0

NEB-National Examination Board

Taskforce Submitted Report of SEE and Class 12 Examination Modalities: The task force formed to study the modalities of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) and Class 12 examination and submit its report on Thursday. The task force has submitted the report to the Chairman of the National Examination Board, Prof. Dr. Chandramani Poudel, suggesting various examination options in case of coronavirus infection.

Chairman Poudel informed that the task force has discussed with the stakeholders and submitted its report. He informed that the report will be discussed at the NEB board meeting and a decision will be taken after necessary consultation with the government.

Stakeholders have suggested the task force conduct the SEE examination on the basis of internal evaluation of the school and also to conduct the examination as class 12 has international recognition.

In particular, the assessment of the transition situation and the modalities of the examination should be analyzed together, said Chairman Poudel. It is said that the report has been recommended based on the practice and decisions taken by the foreign boards in case of transition.

Similarly, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has stated that the option of examination will be decided soon. Ministry spokesperson Deepak Sharma said that it would not take long for a decision to be taken now that the task force has submitted its report. If only the managerial side has to be managed, the method of examination will be decided on the basis of the decision made by the board.

In addition, if any new policy decision has to be taken for conducting the examination, the Ministry and the government will decide in case new legal complexities have to be removed. It has been said that it will be possible to say how many days it will take for this only after studying the report.

Last year too, the school conducted an internal assessment of SEE students. Similarly, a 40-mark written exam was conducted for class 12 students.

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