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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) Exam Routine and Center of Various Positions

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) Exam Routine and Center of Various Positions

ICAN Examination Center Notification for Competitive Exams

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) has recently issued an important notice regarding the examination centers for various competitive examinations. This update is crucial for candidates preparing for the Internal Competition, open and inclusive competitive written examinations.

Examination Positions and Categories

The ICAN examination offers a range of positions under different service groups and levels. The categories are designed to accommodate diverse applicants, including open category, women, and internal competition. Some of the notable positions include:

  • Assistant Director, Administration (Level 8, Open)
  • Senior Official, Administration (Level 7, Women)
  • Senior Officer, Technician (Chartered Accountant) (Level 7, Open and Inclusive)
  • Assistant, Administration (Level 4, Open and Inclusive)
  • Senior Officer, Technician (Information Technology) (Level 7, Open)
  • Officer, Administration (Legal) (Level 6, Women)
  • Officer, Administration (Level 6, Internal Competition)
  • Senior Assistant, Administration (Levels 5, Internal Competition and Open and Inclusive)

Key Examination Guidelines

Candidates appearing for these examinations should adhere to the following instructions for a seamless experience:

  1. Use of Writing Instruments: Only dot pens or pens with black ink are allowed for answering.
  2. Admit Card Mandatory: Candidates must bring their admit card and arrive at least one hour before the exam starts.
  3. Prohibition of Electronic Devices: Mobile phones, bags, and other electronic gadgets are not permitted in the examination hall.
  4. Examination Schedule: Exams will proceed as scheduled, even on unexpected holidays, unless a prior notice is issued by the Commission.
  5. Answering Multiple Choice Questions: Answers to objective questions must be written in capital letters (A, B, C, D).
  6. Identification Requirements: A government-issued photo ID or citizenship card, along with the admit card, is compulsory.
  7. Compliance with Examination Norms: The examination will adhere to the Examination (Operation and Management) Norms, 2077 (Third Amendment), especially in transitional situations.

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