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Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality

Goljung, Rasuwa

Estd. 2017




Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality (आमाछोदिङ्मो गाउँपालिका) was established in 2017 as a local autonomous government of Nepal. The office of the Aama Chhodingmo Gaunpalika (Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality) is located in Goljungbesi, Rasuwa district, Province 3 of Nepal. In the local Tamang language, 'mother' is the word 'Parwati' and 'Chhodingmo' is the word ‘Kunda’. In this way, the transformation of the Tamang language from the Nepali language is the Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality. It is divided into five wards. This Rural municipality was formed by former four VDCs (Gatlyang, Goljung, Chilime, and Hanku (Ward no. 1 to 7).). The total area of this rural municipality is 682.23 square kilometers and the total population is 5490.

This village has Tamang Traditional road, which is the infrastructure of rural tourism, and the tourists are visiting the domestic and international tourists annually. Due to the mountainous and religious and tourist sites such as Parvati Kund, Ganesh Himal, Sangen Himal, Paldor peak; tourism business can be operated here.

During this announcement of Rural Municipality, the name of Parbatikund Gaunpalika was enrolled and center of which was Golunjg. The first Gaunpalika assembly of this Rural Municipality has changed the name, according to the name ' Aama Chhodingmo', naming the Rural Municipality and to establish a Center at Goljungbesi. The Federal Affairs and Local Development Ministry have published this information in the Nepal Gazette published by the Government of Nepal. The local government has changed the name and center in the recommendation of village assembly of Parwatikunda Rural Municipality, according to the sub-section (4) of the Local Government Operation Act, 2074. According to the information published in the Gazette, the decision has been implemented from Poush 24, 2074.

Contact Details of Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality, Rasuwa

Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality

Address : Aama Chhodingmo Rural Municipality, Goljung, Rasuwa, Province 3, Nepal


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