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Annapurna Rural Municipality

Pokharebagar, Myagdi

Estd. 2017




Annapurna Rural Municipality (अन्नपूर्ण गाउँपालिका) was established in 2017 (2073 BS) as a local government of Nepal. The office of the Annapurna Gaunpalika is located at Pokharebagar, Myagdi district, Gandaki province of Nepal. This rural municipality has included then Dolwa, Bhutan, Ghar, Himasthan community, Nyarchang and Ramche village development committees (VDC) of the Myagdi district. The total population of this village is 13,315. Its area is 556.41 square kilometers. The center of this village is kept in the office of Ghar VDC of the district. This village has been divided into 8 wards. 

Ward No.  Location
1 Doba
2 Bhurung Tatopani
3 Dana
4 Narchyang 
5 Shikha
6 Ghar 
7 Histan
8 Ramche

Contact Details of Annapurna Rural Municipality, Myagdi

Annapurna Rural Municipality

Address : Annapurna Rural Municipality, Pokharebagar, Myagdi, Gandaki Province, Nepal


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