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Chhayanath Rara Municipality

Gamgadhi, Mugu

Estd. 2017




Chhayanath Rara Municipality, Mugu (छायाँनाथ रारा नगरपालिका, मुगु) was established in 2017 (2073 BS) as a local government of Nepal. The headquarters of the Chhayanath Rara Nagarpalika is located in Gamgadhi, Mugu district, Karnali Province of Nepal. The Municipality is known as Nagarpalika in the Nepali Language. Chhayanath is one of the pilgrim places according to religious beliefs, are the similar names of Kedar Nath, Badrinath, Muktinath and Pashupatinath.

The total area of the Chhayanath Rara Municipality is 480.67 km2 (185.59 sq mi) and the total population of the municipality is according to 2011 (2068 BS) Nepal census is 20,078 1individual. The density of this rural municipality is 42/km2 (110/sq mi). This rural municipality is divided into 14 wards.

Shrinagar, Pina, Karkibada, part of Rara, Rowa, Gamgadhi, and Ruga Village development committees (VDCs) were incorporated to form Chhayanath Rara Nagarpalika. This urban municipality came into existence on 10 March 2017.

According to the 2011 year census, the total population of this municipality has been 20,078 and total household number 284. Area of the land is 48069 hectares and the farming area is 4403 hectares. Although the soil is good for gratitude, there is no change in the life level of the artificial due to the inconvenience of the fierce land, the palate-less and the traditional artificial system, the irrigation system. Some producers have said that the souls depend on twelve months in the vegetables.

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Chhayanath Rara Municipality

Address : Gamgadhi, Mugu, Karnali Province, Nepal


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