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Medical Education Commission - MEC (Chiktsa Shiksha Aayog - चिकित्सा शिक्षा आयोग): The current constitution of Nepal has ensured the right to health as a fundamental right of every citizen. This fundamental right includes the right to receive basic health care from the state and the right of every citizen to equal access to health care, including the right not to be deprived of emergency health care.

Ensuring easy, accessible, and equal access to quality health care for all in the constitutional policy regarding the basic needs of citizens for the realization of fundamental rights; In order to make the citizens healthy, the state has been increasing the necessary investment in the field of public health and by regulating and managing the investment in the health sector, it has been taken a policy to make the health service access and quality. Thus, it has become inevitable for the state to make appropriate arrangements to fulfill the basic fundamental rights provided by the constitution and to implement the policy of the constitution.

The Education Commission has been established to Increase state investment in medical education, develop medical education in line with Nepal's national needs, integrate and streamline the regulation and management of medical education; To organize the work related to the establishment and operation of the educational institution related to medical education; To establish and operate the Medical Education Commission by maintaining the quality, professionalism, institutional accountability, geographical balance and social justice in medical education and ensuring equal access of students from all classes and communities including the deprived. 

The National Medical Education Act was issued on February 22, 2019, and the Medical Education Commission has been established accordingly.

Functions, Duties, and Powers of the Medical Education Commission:

Article 6 of the National Medical Education Act, 2075 provides that the functions, duties, and powers of the Medical Education Commission shall be as follows:

(A) To decide the national policy to be adopted in the field of medical education,

(B) To determine policies and standards for the standards and standards of all levels and disciplines of medical education at the federal and provincial levels,

(C) To determine the policy and criteria for conducting the Common Entrance Test,

(D) To determine the policy, basis, and criteria of accreditation,

(E) To determine policy related to academic advancement and research,

(F) To give necessary instructions to universities, institutes, and councils regarding medical education,

(G) To approve accreditation grounds for the National Board of Medical Specialties,

(H) To set policy and criteria for a letter of intent, affiliation and revocation of affiliation,

(I) To confer the title on the physician who passes the examination conducted by the National Board of Medical Specialties,

(J) To approve the annual budget of the Commission and the posts of staff required for the Commission,

(K) To approve mapping for the establishment of educational institutions,

(L) To do other work as prescribed.

(C) To make necessary modifications to the action plan, proposal, directive or criteria to be submitted by the Directorate and the Board and submit it to the Commission for approval.

(D) To make recommendation to the Commission for letter of intent as per this Act on the basis of the recommendation of the concerned directorate,

(E) To implement the policies and programs approved by the Commission by the concerned directorate and board,

(F) To send a letter to the concerned university to terminate the affiliation of the educational institution as per this Act,

(G) To co-operate and co-ordinate with national and international bodies in the field of medical education;

(H) To prepare maps for the establishment of educational institutions,

(I) To make recommendations to the Commission on the number of student seats of the educational institution, tuition fees, and related matters

(J) To do other work as prescribed.

The law defines medical education as - "Medical education" which means the education of all disciplines and levels related to the health profession (health professional education).

Pursuant to Article 5 of the National Medical Education Act, 2075, the Medical Education Commission is constituted as follows.

SN Name Position
(A) Prime Minister       Chairman
(B)  Minister of the Government of Nepal in charge of education Co-chair
(C) Minister for Health in Nepal           Co-chair
(D) One of the physicians appointed by the Government of Nepal who has made special contributions in the field of medicine                        Vice President
(E) Member, National Planning Commission (Education and Health Watch) Member
(F) Three of the Vice-Chancellors of the University Institutions conducting the Medical Education Program  Member
(G) Secretary to the Government of Nepal in charge of education Member
(H) Secretary to the Government of Nepal in charge of health issues Member
(I) Chairman, University Grants Commission  Member
(J) Vice President, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training Member
(K) President, Ayurveda Medical Council           Member
(L) Chairman, Nepal Health Research Council Member
(M) Chairman, Nepal Nursing Council Member 
(N) Chairman, Nepal Council of Health Practitioners Member
(O) Chairman, Nepal Pharmacy Council Member
(P) At least two of the chairpersons of the official medical professional organizations, including the national level, are at least one woman. Member
(Q) Chairperson of the national level official association of operators of private educational institutions other than medical and dental Member
(R) At least two of the most respected figures in civil society, including a woman  Member
(S) Chairman, Nepal Medical Council Member
(T) Among the medical education, experts are three, including at least two women, based on the principle of inclusion Member
(U) President, Nepal Medical Association Member
(V) Chairman of the National Association of Private Medical and Dental Colleges Member
(W)  Senior staff of the Commission  member secretary

Organizational Structure of Medical Education Commission (MEC):

Contact Details:

Medical Education Commission (Chikitsa Shikshya Aayog)

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Phone: +977-1-6639416, +977-1-6638904, +977-1-6639414

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Medical Education Commission, Bhaktapur


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