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Ministry of Social Development - Karnali Pradesh

Birendranagar, Surkhet

Estd. 2018




Ministry of Social Development - Karnali Pradesh (Nepali: सामाजिक विकास मन्त्रालय - कर्णाली प्रदेश) was established in 2018 (2074 BS) under the Provincial government of Nepal. Karnali Pradesh is one of seven provinces of Nepal which form the second layer of government, between the federal government and the local government. The provincial governments are established, and their structure defined, by Part 13 of the Constitution of Nepal  (2015). The office of the Ministry of Social Development - Karnali Pradesh is located in the capital city of Karnali Province, Birendranagar Surkhet.

Areas of the Ministry of Social Development

  1. Education
  2. Health and population
  3. Sanitation
  4. Women, children, senior citizens, and social security
  5. Youth and sports
  6. Language, religion, and culture
  7. Labor and employment

Work responsibilities of the Ministry of Social Development:

  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of province-level universities and higher education-related policies, laws and measures.
  • Measurement, Permission, and Regulation of Educational Counseling Services
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of policies, laws, and penalties related to libraries, museums, and archives at the province level.
  • Policy on Provincial Education, Technical and Vocational Training and Scholarships, Determination of Laws and Measures, Implementation and Regulation of Curriculum, Manufacture of Textbooks and Textbooks, Production and Distribution
  • Province level human resource requirement projection and educational plan formulation and implementation
  • Determining and regulating the service conditions, qualifications, capacity and measure of teacher management of school-level teachers at the province level
  • Secondary level examination management
  • Management of academic research and educational statistics at the province level
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of provincial policies, laws, measures, and plans related to health care and nutrition
  • Management of promotional, remedial, curative and rehabilitation health services required at the province level
  • Registration, Permission, and Regulation of Province Level Academic, Vocational and Professional Associations for Health Services
  • Determining, monitoring and regulating the quality of province-level health services
  • Production and storage of pharmaceutical and health technology-related products in accordance with national measurement penalties, maximum retail pricing, final disposal, determination of quality and measurement penalties and registration, operation, permission, and regulation of industries producing such materials.
  • Registration, operation, permission, and regulation of hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, treatment centers, and other health institutions and laboratories in accordance with national standards.
  • Drinking-Water, Sound, and Air Quality Monitoring and Audit Framework and Quality Measurement Punishment and Implementation
  • Management and regulation of social health security programs including health insurance in accordance with national standards
  • Human resource development and management of the province-level health sector
  • Pharmacovigilance, proper use of drugs and reduction of antimicrobial resistance
  • Vaccination and family planning
  • Procurement and supply management of sensitive medicines and other health items
  • Study and research related to health services at the province level and information system, institutional management of health accounting system, information flow
  • Province level public health surveillance management
  • Punishment, control, and regulation of tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics
  • Management of Emergency, Disaster Management, Emergency Health Care, Emergency Medicine, and Provincial Buffer Stock Management
  • Control and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Development and management of physical infrastructure related to health care in accordance with national standards
  • Determination, implementation, and regulation of measures related to health waste management
  • Ayurvedic, Unani, Amchi, Homoeopathic, Naturopathy, and other prevalent traditions related to health care services at the province level, determination, implementation, monitoring, and regulation.
  • Formulation and implementation of provincial policies, laws, and measures related to drinking water sanitation and hygiene at the province level, determination of service charges, planning, project implementation and operation, logistics, and regulation.
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of policies and measures related to the promotion of private sector participation in the expansion of drinking water and sanitation services.
  • Ensuring the availability of clean drinking water to the common people and access of the backward classes to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Regional policy on population, migration and family planning, formulation of laws and plans, implementation and regulation, study and research, establishment and operation of information systems, capacity building and liaison and coordination with national institutions.
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of provincial policy, law, measure and punishment plan related to women's rights
  • Formulation and implementation of policies and action plan on gender-based violence, human trafficking and trafficking, and implementation of international treaties, agreements and commitments, preventive and protective measures and rehabilitation.
  • Studies and research on women empowerment and gender equality
  • Gender Responsive Budget and Gender Testing
  • Formulation of provincial policies, laws, measures, and plans related to the protection of children's rights, implementation and regulation, study, research, child-friendly governance and service delivery, child rescue fund management, and child reform and rehabilitation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities related to senior citizens, persons with disabilities and the disabled, children and women at the province level
  • Monitoring and evaluation of social welfare and association related activities
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of regional policies, laws, and plans related to youth, youth scientific promotion
  • Regional policy, laws, and measures related to sports, determination, implementation and regulation, development and promotion of sports and sports infrastructure
  • Coordination and regulation of sports administration and organizations
  • National and provincial sports competitions and program planning and participation
  • Formulation and implementation of endangered, marginalized, poor, senior citizen targeted housing policy, measurement, and planning
  • Formulation and implementation of regional policies, laws, and measures related to social security, fund management, regulation, liaison, coordination, and cooperation with national and provincial bodies and organizations.
  • Formulation and implementation of policies, plans, programs, and measures related to employment promotion within the province and coordination with the local government.
  • Regarding the monuments of archeological importance in the World Heritage List
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of provincial policies, laws, penalties, and plans for the protection and use of language, script, culture, fine arts, and religion.
  • Preservation, maintenance, study, research, and management of regional level palaces which are important from historical, religious, cultural, and artistic and architectural points of view.
  • Establishment, operation, and management of museums at the provincial level
  • Province level archeological sites, historical and religious cultural heritage, ancient monuments, museums, cultural heritage policy, law, standards and planning, implementation and regulation and protection, maintenance, study, research, excavation, and reconstruction
  • Conducting and managing various processions and festivals under Guthi
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of policies and laws related to the development of culture
  • Formulation, implementation, and regulation of provincial policies, laws, and measures related to employment promotion
  • Provincial policies, laws, norms, and regulations related to workers 'and workers' social security and trade unions
  • Workforce, labor market studies, research and labor force planning
  • Resolving industrial disputes, reforming labor relations and judicial settlement
  • Workplace safety, factory inspection, and regulation

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