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Nagarjun Municipality

Sitapaila, Kathmandu

Estd. 2014




Nagarjun Municipality is a municipality in the Kathmandu district under Bagmati Province. Nagarjuna Municipality is a municipality located in the Kathmandu District in the Bagmati Zone of the Central Development Region of Nepal. It was formed with merged of Ichangunarayan, Sitapaila, Ramkot, Bhimdhunga, and Suichatar VDC. The center of Nagarjuna Municipality is Sitapaila, Harisiddhi.

Nagarjuna municipality is made up of Ichangunarayan, Sitapaila, Ramkot, Bhimdhunga and Suchatar VDCs of Savik. Therefore, according to the National Census 2068, adding the population of these 5 VDCs, the total population of Nagarjuna Municipality is 67,420.

Nagarjun Nagarpalika lies in the west of Wards No. 14, 13, 15 & 16 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City are in the east, Dhading District and Tarkeshwar Municipality in the north, and Chandragiri Municipality in the south. Geographically, the municipality lies between 850 12 'to 850 17' east longitude and 270 40 'to 270 44' north latitude.

Nagarjun municipality covers an area of ​​29.8 sq km, northern latitude 270 40 'to 270 44', east longitude 850 12 'to 850 17', average height: 1300 to 2500 m above sea level. From the point of view of geography, this municipality can be divided into two main areas

According to the National Census 2068, the number of households in the municipality is 16746 and the total population is 67420. Out of which 34064 (50.25%) are males and 33356 (49.75%) are females. As there is a trend of gradual migration from other parts of the kingdom, people of different castes and religions live here. The majority of the population in this municipality, which is dominated by Newar, Bahun Magar, Sanyasi and Chhetri castes, is Hindu and Buddhist.

The average household size is 4.21 and the sex ratio is 0.98. In this municipality per sq. Km. It has a population of 536.4. Total Population 67420 Male 34064 Female 33356 Total Household Number 16746 Per Household Average Number 4.21 Gender Ratio 0.98 Population Density (per sq km) 2262.42 List of some important historical, religious, and tourist sites within the urban area

  1. Ichangunarayana temple
  2. Halchwok Akash Bhairab
  3. Raniwan area
  4. Nagarjuna Jamacho
  5. White Monastery
  6. Badri Narayan Dham
  7. Ganeshman Memorial Park
  8. Martyr Park
  9. Bhimsensthan, Bhimdhunga
  10. Switzerland Chaur, Park
  11. Hasantar Gumba
  12. Bhubaneswari temple
  13. Panchakanya temple
  14. Tarkeshwar Temple

Contact Details:

Nagarjun Municipality, Harisiddhi, Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal

Phone: +977-1-4671716, +977-1-4671717

Email: [email protected]


Contact Details of Nagarjun Municipality, Kathmandu


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