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Ribdikot Rural Municipality

Khasyauli, Palpa

Estd. 2017




Ribdikot Rural Municipality (Gaupalika - रिब्दीकोट गाउँपालिका) is located in Palpa district. In order to fulfill the rights and obligations set by the spirit and spirit of the Constitution, the Government of Nepal is a viable, sustainable, and competent government and not an alternative to the central government, with the intention of developing a spirit of competition and a government close to the people, with the intention of developing it as a government close to the people. All of us are of the opinion that Ribdikot Rural Municipality has been formed by merging 8 Village Development Committees (VDCs) Khyaha, Deurali, Khasyauli, Bhairavasthan, Kusumkhola, Palungmainadi, Timure and Phek VDCs into a sustainable unit.

The total population of Ribdikot Gaupalika is 18,770. Its area is 124.55 square kilometers. Its borders are Tansen municipality in the east, Rainadevi Chhahara rural municipality in the west, Tansen municipality and Gulmi district in the north, and Tinau rural municipality in the south.

The agricultural business has a large share of the average family income and foreign employment is also one of the main sources of income for local residents. The trend of local manpower migrating abroad for work and study is increasing. There are many educational institutions in this rural municipality that provide education from the basic to the secondary level.

There are 27 primary schools, 6 secondary schools, 6 higher secondary schools, and 3 campuses in Ribdikot rural municipality. Although most of the houses have been electrified, some of the marginalized sections of citizens are not able to access electricity.

Due to the lack of people's representatives in the local bodies, the difficulty in implementing the planned development program, and the difficulty in the necessary financial management, the expected development does not seem to be possible in this rural municipality area.

Various festivals and fairs are celebrated in this rural municipality where people of different communities and castes live. Festivals like Tij, Dashain, Tihar, Magheskranti, Krishna Janmashtami, Buddha Jayanti, etc. are celebrated according to their religion. In addition, Sarai dance, Fagu dance, Lache dance, Jhyaure, Deusi Bhailo, Big dance, etc., can be considered to have contributed significantly to building a culturally rich society.

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