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How To Prepare For Board Exams - Study Tips for Exams

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How to Prepare for board Exams

How To Prepare For Board Exams - Study Tips for Exams:

Board exams are such an excerpt that everyone is afraid but this is not a big deal. Exam pattern is not so difficult that you are scared in this way. The way you prepare for internal exams, the board exams are the same. If you do your work properly with self-confidence and read the tips given below, then you will not have any problem. Come, some of the important things that you have taken meditation from the beginning of the year.

Some important points are given through which you can do best for your Board Exams.

1. Be Alert:

You have to be alert in the board exam from the very beginning. Do not burden the mind together. Make a routine and study from the beginning. By doing this you will have enough time in the last. In which you will be able to revision and will be able to give time for extra preparation.

2. Make Study Time Table:

Make a time table from the beginning of the year and read it accordingly. In the beginning, just do so and think about how much time you want to read and make a habit of concentrating reading at that time. Slowly break that time according to the subjects. Increase time. Initially, repeat the curriculum daily at home. From this time on, you will understand how much you have understood the taught topic and at the same time, you can ask any other friend or teacher. Clear your doubt at the right time, because in the meantime, the anxiety increases and the confidence decrease. If you continue to hold on the tough topic from the beginning, then there will not be any problem in the last.

3. The preparation according to Syllabus:

Go from home by preparing for what is being taught in the school. Not much, just look at the book and read the headlines according to Syllabus. With this, when you go to study this topic, your mind will feel comfortable in it. Then after completing the chapter, read the syllabus again and make it accordingly and prepare important questions.

4. Revision of the study:

Once you read the subject, you will have to repeat it again in a few days or if you do not do it then your entire hard work will get worse.

5. Improve the answer:

Sometimes you know the answers to all the questions and you solve them very well but still get fewer marks in the examination. This is the only reason for your writing. First of all, the way of writing is changed.

  • Keep good handwriting.
  • Clean Writing.
  • Write the answer to the question. Heading and Sub-heading on it.
  • Have bullet points.
  • Must have a diagram.
  • Get the table.

In such a way, the checker will never cut your marks and if you do not know the exact answers to the question and you do not want to leave that question then after solving them in such a way, you will get half or more marks. This method is always beneficial, according to the points mentioned above, solve important questions and write your notes in the book so that you get used to this pattern.

6. Complete the preparation of each exam:

Prepare the first quarter and six-month exams of the Annual Examination with a good mind. At the same time prepare important questions. This will reduce your burden. After this, keeping the full board exam in the pre-board exam, prepare all the important questions.

7. Preparation of Board Exam:

Complete the syllabus carefully before the board exam. Prepare the hard text before that, so that in the absence of discomfort, you can get rid of it.

8. Unsolved Solve:

Read and solve the past 10 years of paper. By making separate notebooks of all subjects, together with all the unsolved questions written by them, all the important questions should be found at the time of the exam.

9. Take care of sleep during exams:

In the days of the test, we do not get well enough to sleep and whenever we sit down to read it seems lethargic, to avoid this, sleep properly 6 to 7 hours daily.

10. What to do if the mind is not concentrated:

Take 10 minutes of daily meditation. If you do worship then close the eyes of the temple in the house for some time and do not think it is possible. It is not possible for a person to think about 24 hours but while meditating, your words will calm down. If you study with concentration, it will be completed within a few hours, but if you do not have concentrated, even if you read the whole day, your studies will not be complete. Take the time, go for a few minutes or do some activities like yoga. This will bring positivity in you.

11. Take care of food:

Eat well but do not eat too heavy fried food. This will make you less lethargic and you will not feel like it. Take a light meal and keep some light house snacks with you. It will keep your mind from it.

8 Important things to keep in mind on the exam day:

  • Keep all the documents with you. Check your ID before leaving the house.
  • Check your box at home. Observe the first of all pen, pencil, rubber, scale etc.
  • Arrives at the examination center 30 minutes before.
  • Automatically check your bags, pockets and purse, somewhere secretly, no hidden slip.
  • Before 10 minutes in the examination room, sit down on your roll number.
  • Take out your pen, pencils, all from the box.
  • When you get the question paper, read it carefully, and solve whatever question you already know.
  • The answer to the question depends on the score of questions.

Remember the questions given on the day of the examination. If you write your exam in keeping with this in mind then your score will be better. Prepare from the beginning for the board exam. If you make your routine through the points written above the beginning of the year, then you will not feel tired at the end.

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