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Peer Pressure Problems and Solutions - Easy Tips

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Peer Pressure Problems and Solutions

What is peer pressure?:

Students are strongly affected by their friends because they do not want to stay away from friends and want to make fun of them. Many times students are affected by curiosity too. They often try to please their friends, classmates in adolescence. Sometimes this peer effect is positive in which a student is encouraged to take part in activities related to sports or to perform better in studies because their friends are doing it. we have discussed the peer pressure problem and Solution. Positive activities under the pressure of colleagues are such as: 

  • Students become regular in School or College. 
  • The academic performance gets good.
  • Get inspiration for completing education or for further education.
  • Inspire to participate in sports and other curricular activities.

But sometimes there may be a negative impression of friends, due to which children become victims of wrong things and if parents try to force their children, then they are reversed and children become aggressive or mothers, Father starts to hide his words.

Negative activities under peer pressure: 

  • Smoking or consumption of tobacco. 
  • Try to drink alcohol (illegal for children under the age of 18). 
  • Consume drugs or narcotics. 
  • Leave the school or college without permission. 
  • an unexpectedly poor result in examination. 
  • Be involved in dating or adult relationships. 
  • Consume weight loss medicines inappropriately. 
  • Try to adopt unhealthy beauty or fashion tips.
  • Sometimes, students force their parents to buy phones/laptops or expensive gadget because their friends have it. 

Methods of dealing with peer pressure for students: 

  1. Learn to refuse: If you find that your colleague or friend is pushing you for any activities that are not right for you, then learn how to refuse your friend for such activities. 
  2. Talk to the elders: If colleagues continue to pressurize you, then you can first consult with your parents or teachers and counselors at school. 
  3. Learn to ignore: You do not need to be involved in all activities of your friends and if they are involved in harmful activities, it is better to avoid such incidents if you ignore them for that time. 
  4. Choose the right friend: If you do not feel comfortable with any of your friends, then you are advised to learn how to choose your friends or classmates accordingly. With whom you can feel comfortable.

Some tips for parents, through which they will be easy to avoid their children from these negative activities: 

  1. Talk to children: Talk to your child and help him make the right decisions in life. Ask the child daily about his daily routine, school, and friends so he can tell you about your mind. 
  2. Do not: Teach your child not to speak too. Tell him that he does not have to obey everything to please his friends. According to his mind, he may or may not agree with the friends. 
  3. Tell about the wrong habits: Explain to children about the negative habits and negative effects of them, such as the loss of cigarette consumption or the ill effects of alcohol, tell them if their friends have ever given them such bad habits, if they provoke them, then they will be able to refuse them. 
  4. Promise: Always assure your child that you are always with him, that is, you will not leave him alone under any circumstances. By doing so, he will not hide his things from you and his confidence will also increase. 


It is hoped that by understanding our suggestions as a student, we can understand such activities in our way of life because it is important for students to know that negative activities under the pressure of peers will be in your future. May have a bad effect on the bottom. At the same time, parents are advised to teach their child to look into the right and wrong as per the suggestions are given.

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