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CCA Outperforms Global ACCA June 2023 Exam Results

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CCA Outperforms Global ACCA June 2023 Exam Results

CCA Triumphs with Exemplary ACCA June 2023 Examination Results, Exceeding Global Pass Rates

Certified College of Accountancy (CCA), a leading name in ACCA education in Nepal, is proud to announce its extraordinary success in the ACCA June 2023 Examinations. This exceptional achievement, eclipsing the global pass rates, is an eloquent tribute to the unwavering commitment, tireless effort, and collaborative endeavor put in by the students, faculty, and management at CCA.

The phenomenal results of CCA's students highlight their persistent resolve and unwavering dedication to triumph in their ACCA pursuit. CCA College acknowledges and honors the praiseworthy achievements of every student who has showcased outstanding abilities and extensive knowledge in their respective examinations.

CCA College vs Global Pass Rates for ACCA Examinations: A Comparative Study

  • Performance Management (PM):
    • Global Pass Rate: 40%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 82%
  • Taxation (TX):
    • Global Pass Rate: 56%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 85%
  • Financial Reporting (FR):
    • Global Pass Rate: 49%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 80%
  • Audit and Assurance (AA):
    • Global Pass Rate: 45%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 92%
  • Financial Management (FM):
    • Global Pass Rate: 52%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 94%
  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR):
    • Global Pass Rate: 51%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 100%
  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM):
    • Global Pass Rate: 47%
    • CCA Pass Rate: 80%

CCA College is unswerving in its resolve to uplift the standards of ACCA education in Nepal. By fostering more ACCA qualified professionals within the nation, the institution is shaping the future of the accountancy field. The impressive pass rates substantiate CCA's dedication to delivering superior education and endowing students with the skills to succeed.

July/August 2023 Intake: Embrace Your ACCA Journey with CCA College

As part of its ongoing mission, CCA College welcomes aspiring ACCA students to enroll in the upcoming July/August 2023 Intake. Opting for CCA allows students to set forth on a fulfilling ACCA journey, bolstered by an expert faculty and an engaging learning atmosphere. The college pledges to provide well-rounded guidance and support throughout their studies, empowering students to excel in their ACCA examinations.

Students interested in ACCA and the admission process at CCA College can reach out to the admissions team at 9801811222. The team is ready and eager to provide comprehensive information, resolve any queries, and assist in the admission process.

CCA College is committed to nurturing talent, promoting academic brilliance, and enabling students to prosper in their ACCA journey. By fostering a cooperative environment, CCA and its students work synergistically to make ACCA dreams a tangible reality.

Published on 17th July 2023

Certified College of Accountancy (CCA)

Thapagaun, Kathmandu

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