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Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) - A Premier ACCA Education Leader in Nepal

Welcome to the Certified College of Accountancy (CCA),

At CCA, we firmly believe that the key to shaping your future lies in making timely and informed decisions. Our institution operates under the guiding principle of "Student Always Comes First," ensuring that we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our students above all else. This unwavering commitment translates into an unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality education.

Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) has established itself as a premier ACCA learning institute in Nepal, earning the prestigious Platinum Approved status as an ACCA Learning Partner. With a strong focus on delivering excellent accountancy education, CCA has been at the forefront of the industry for over 18 years. Originally known as CCA School of Accountancy, the institution was founded on August 29, 2006. Throughout its history, CCA has consistently proven itself as a top choice for aspiring finance professionals in Nepal, dedicated to nurturing and preparing them for successful careers in the field of accountancy.

Core Strengths of CCA

  • Student-Centered Approach: CCA prioritizes a student-centered approach to education, going beyond traditional textbooks. We ensure that each aspiring ACCA student receives personalized attention and support throughout their learning journey.
  • Outstanding Facilities: Our commitment to providing the highest quality education is reinforced by our outstanding facilities. CCA boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure that enhances the learning experience and enables students to thrive.
  • Co-Curricular Activities: We understand the importance of holistic development, and therefore, we actively encourage co-curricular activities for our students. These activities complement their academic growth and help them become well-rounded individuals.
  • Career Counseling: To prepare our students for their professional careers, we offer comprehensive career counseling services. This guidance plays a crucial role in paving the way for their successful future.
  • Contribution to the Nation CCA takes great pride in its significant contribution to the nation. By nurturing qualified ACCAs, we strengthen the financial backbone of the country, making a positive impact on its economic growth and stability.

CCA's Mission

CCA's mission is centered around fostering the intellectual, personal, and professional development of our ACCA students. We are dedicated to instilling a lifelong love for learning and empowering a diverse student body. Our approach combines integrated teaching, research, and creative activities within a supportive and stimulating learning environment. Our goal is to nurture individuals who will become leaders and global finance professionals, equipped to make a positive impact on the present and future.

We are committed to delivering excellence in teaching, ensuring the professional growth of our students, and providing comprehensive support services.

CCA's Vision

Our vision encompasses our desire to create a culture of excellence that addresses the academic, professional, and personal growth of our students. We aim to be acknowledged as a leading institution in ACCA education, known for our innovative approaches, high-quality teaching and learning practices, global recognition in strategic research domains, and a strong dedication to community engagement and service. We are committed to equipping our students with the necessary skills and values to tackle the future challenges of the dynamic corporate and business landscape. Our goal is to shape them into versatile professionals who are prepared to make a significant impact in the global financial sphere.


CCA is the top choice among ACCA colleges in Nepal primarily because of its large number of registered ACCA students. What distinguishes CCA from other colleges offering ACCA courses in the country is its affordable fee structure. The total cost of completing the ACCA course at CCA is just 5.45 lakhs.

CCA is dedicated to providing various scholarship opportunities to students, making the ACCA course even more accessible. Students who have achieved an A+ grade in their +2 examinations can receive a discount of 10,000 on their first-level tuition fee. Similarly, students with an A grade are eligible for a discount of 5,000. Moreover, toppers of their +2 colleges can avail themselves of a discount of 15,000.

Furthermore, CCA conducts the CCA Scholarship Fund Exam every three months, where the winner is awarded a scholarship of approximately 1,54,000. This scholarship covers the tuition fee for the Applied Knowledge Level and LW.

Additionally, CCA proudly offers a 50% discount on ACCA tuition fees for differently-abled candidates, acknowledging their unique journey and empowering them to pursue their dreams. This opportunity ensures that every aspiring ACCA candidate, regardless of any obstacles they may face, can excel and achieve great heights. Moreover, students from an exemption background, such as those with a Bachelors, Masters, ICAN, or ICAI, will receive a 50% discount on the admission fee.

Enrolling at CCA now to pursue the ACCA course is highly recommended to take advantage of the available scholarship opportunities and make the most of your educational journey.

Why Choose CCA?

When it comes to pursuing ACCA in Nepal, the Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) in Nepal stands out as an exceptional choice for those pursuing the ACCA qualification due to various compelling reasons:

  1. Decades of Excellence: With a strong legacy of over 18 years, CCA has established itself as a leading institution, shaping numerous successful professionals in the field of accountancy.
  2. Platinum Approved Learning Partner: As a Platinum Approved Learning Partner, CCA consistently upholds high standards in ACCA course delivery, ensuring excellent student outcomes.
  3. ISO Certified ACCA College: ISO 9001:2015 certification is a globally recognized standard that defines the requirements for a quality management system (QMS). It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the CCA team in providing outstanding educational opportunities for students.
  4. First Approved Employer: CCA holds the distinction of being the first Approved Employer among ACCA Learning Partners in Nepal. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing quality education and facilitating student placement.
  5. Licensed CBE Centre: CCA operates as a licensed Computer-Based Exam (CBE) Centre, offering students the convenience of modern and efficient computer-based examinations.
  6. Comprehensive Academic Options: In addition to ACCA, CCA also provides a Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) program, expanding students' learning opportunities and broadening their career prospects.
  7. World-Class Infrastructure: CCA boasts state-of-the-art facilities, creating an enriching learning environment that supports academic growth and development.
  8. Innovative Learning Approach: CCA pioneered the 3-month session system in ACCA coaching, optimizing time utilization and streamlining the learning process for students.
  9. Dual Faculty System: The unique dual faculty system at CCA ensures students benefit from diverse perspectives and gain a comprehensive understanding of complex accountancy concepts.
  10. Experienced Faculty Members: CCA's faculty members are highly experienced and qualified, dedicated to providing top-tier education and mentoring students toward success.
  11. Digital Mock Tests: CCA offers fully digital mock tests, simulating the real exam environment and equipping students with the necessary preparation for their ACCA exams.
  12. Reasonable Fees: CCA believes in offering high-quality education at affordable costs, ensuring that the fee structure remains reasonable without compromising the quality of learning.
  13. Credit Transfer Facility: CCA provides the flexibility of credit transfer, allowing students to transfer credits from one course to another or from another institute to CCA, facilitating a seamless educational journey.

By choosing CCA, students embark on a pathway to success, guided by a renowned institution committed to their growth as global finance professionals. Join CCA in your journey towards achieving your career aspirations in the field of accountancy.


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