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BALLB Program Scholarship Entrance Exam 2080 / 081 Purbanchal University

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Purbanchal University Notice

Purbanchal University Announces Scholarship Entrance Exam for BALLB Program 2080/081

Purbanchal University's Faculty of Law in Biratnagar has officially announced the Scholarship Entrance Examination for the academic session 2080-1081. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring law students to secure a scholarship in the BALLB program. The entrance exam is in accordance with the Eastern Regional University Scholarship and Scholarship Entrance Examination Regulations of 2079.

Who Should Apply?

  • Students interested in pursuing a BALLB degree
  • Those who meet the minimum educational qualifications
  • Candidates interested in Jehendar and reserved scholarships

How to Apply

Application Process:

  1. Contact the Dean's Office: Students must first contact the Dean's office of Purbanchal University for the application form.
  2. Deposit Application Fee: Pay the application fee at Nabil Bank, Account No.: 0701017501132.
  3. Submit Documents: Along with the original bank receipt, submit copies of the required minimum educational qualifications.

Participating Institutions and Seat Availability

  • Purbanchal University, College of Law, Biratnagar

    • Total Seats: 60
    • Jehendar Scholarship: 3
    • Reserved Scholarship: 3
  • Kathmandu School of Law, Dadhikot, Bhaktapur

    • Total Seats: 250
    • Jehendar Scholarship: 12
    • Reserved Scholarship: 13
  • Chakrabarti Habi Educational Academy, Kathmandu

    • Total Seats: 100
    • Jehendar Scholarship: 5
    • Reserved Scholarship: 5
  • Bright Vision College, Biratnagar

    • Total Seats: 180
    • Jehendar Scholarship: 9
    • Reserved Scholarship: 9
  • Khwopa College of Law, Bhaktapur

    • Total Seats: 60
    • Jehendar Scholarship: 3
    • Reserved Scholarship: 3

Further Information

For more details, candidates are advised to contact the respective school, campus, or college. Alternatively, you can visit the official website

Faculty of Law, Purbanchal University, Biratnagar

Published Date: 2080/05/13

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