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Film Development Board Announces Scholarship Cancellation and New Submission Guidelines

Scholarship 30 Nov 2023 478 0

Film Development Board Nepal

Nepal Film Development Board Announces Scholarship Cancellation and New Submission Guidelines

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Nepal, under its Film Development Board based in Saraswatinagar, Chabhil, Kathmandu, has recently issued an important notification regarding the Film Scholarship program. This update is crucial for all Nepali students and researchers aspiring to pursue film-related studies and research.

Key Updates in Scholarship Program:

  • Cancellation of Previous Applications: The Film Development Board has announced the cancellation of all applications received for the scholarship following the notice published in the Gorkhapatra daily on 2080/06/24. This decision affects all submissions registered based on that announcement.

  • New Submission Procedure: Interested students and researchers are now required to submit their applications afresh. This includes providing all necessary evidence and documents as specified by the board.

  • Submission Deadline: The new deadline for submission is set at 15 days from the date of this latest notification. Applicants must adhere to this timeline to be considered for the scholarship.

  • Mode of Application: It is important to note that applications based on the previous notification will not be considered. Applicants must submit their applications online or directly at the Board office, as per the latest guidelines.

Where to Find More Information:

  • For detailed information, applicants can visit the official website of the Film Development Board at
  • Additionally, updates and notices are available on the notice board of the Film Development Board.
  • For further inquiries, contact can be made directly with the Board office.

Publication Date of the Notification: The updated notification was published on 2080/08/14.