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Scientific Research Promotion Collaboration Program




SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROMOTION COLLABORATION PROGRAM: GPAST has approved ‘Collaboration for Scientific Research Promotion Criteria, 2078’ under which programs in collaboration with research institutes are made to promote and support local researchers, develop future technologies and raise the research capacity in Gandaki Province. Innovativeness in technology and business models with the commercial potential to lead to a marketable product, process, or service are some criteria considered in this program.

Collaborator Research Area Title of Research Project
Green Road Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. Low-cost portable machinery design Design and fabrication of multipurpose, low cost and portable shredder machine for shredding municipal solid waste and biomass waste
IOE, WRC Low-cost portable machinery design Design and development of two-wheeler electric vehicle
Green Bio Tech and Research Center Standardization of traditional food and technology Development of quality assured nutraceuticals by standardizing traditional processing technology of locally produced agricultural raw materials to promote food security health security and quality of life in rural areas
Gandaki University, Pokhara Mosquito repellent formulation Preparation and characterization of mosquito repellent formulation
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