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The educational services provided by the Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) are extensive and multifaceted.

Here's an overview of these services:

  1. Policy Formulation and Implementation: The MoEST is the apex body for educational organizations in Nepal, responsible for formulating educational policies, plans, and their nationwide implementation.

  2. Central Level Agencies (CLAs): These agencies design, implement, and monitor various educational programs.

  3. Regional and District Level Administration: The Ministry oversees Five Regional Education Directorates (REDs) and Seventy-Seven District Education Offices (DEOs), which monitor and implement educational policies at regional and district levels.

  4. Educational Reform and Planning: The Ministry coordinates and facilitates educational reform programs and the formulation of educational plans.

  5. Higher Education Management: The University Grants Commission coordinates policies and programs related to higher education.

  6. Teacher Management: The Teachers Service Commission handles the selection, appointment, and promotion of school teachers.

  7. National Examinations: The National Examination Board conducts the Secondary Education Examination and Secondary Education Passing Examination.

  8. Education and Human Resource Development Center: This center implements school education projects, provides teacher training, and develops educational materials.

  9. Curriculum Development: The Curriculum Development Center is responsible for the development and revision of school curricula and textbooks.

  10. Technical Education and Training: Managed by the Technical Education and Vocational Training Council, these programs aim to develop middle-level technical manpower.

  11. Educational Quality Assessment: The Educational Quality Testing Center evaluates the performance of school education.

  12. National Libraries: Including the National Library, Keshar Library, and Dilliraman-Kalyani Regmi Memorial Library, these facilities support the development of a reading culture and continuous learning.

  13. Science and Technology Development: Institutions like the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and the BP Koirala Memorial Planetarium Observatory contribute to research and discovery in science and technology.

  14. Policy Management: The Ministry handles policies, laws, and standards related to various aspects of education, including university affairs, teacher training, technical education, and scientific research.

  15. Management Structure: The Ministry oversees the Department of Education, which manages school education plans, and coordinates with regional education directorates and resource centers for teacher and school support.

  16. Educational Support and Libraries: The Ministry operates two central libraries and an autonomous library, and also manages a government-owned institute for the printing and distribution of textbooks.

Through these services and structures, the MoEST aims to ensure the comprehensive development of education in Nepal, covering everything from policy formulation to the implementation of specific educational programs and teacher training.

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