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Foreign Employment Board Secretariat Call Application for Internship Opportunity

Vacancy 30 Jul 2022 4412 0

Foreign Employment Board Secretariat, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor Employment and Social Security, Foreign Employment Board Secretariat (Baiseshik Rojgar Boars Sachivalaya), Babarmahal, Kathmandu Application Requested Notice for Nepalese students interested in participating in Internship

According to the annual program of the Secretariat of the Foreign Employment Board for the fiscal year 2079/080, among the students studying at the undergraduate level in the faculties of education, law, humanities, and management in the universities of Nepal or affiliated or affiliated campuses; An application has been requested from the students who are willing to participate in the internship at the secretariat of the Foreign Employment Board to arrive at this secretariat on 24-24-2079 within the office hours.

The application format and other information can be viewed and downloaded on the website of this secretariat

Note:- Required number of 6 people (3 boys, 3 girls)

Published date:- 2079-04-10

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