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Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) 2078

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Lok Sewa Aayog Building

Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) 2078: Public Service Commission, Central Office, Information and Publications Branch, Advertisement of open and inclusive competitive written examination for the post of Gazetted Third Class (Non-Technical), Branch Officer or similar.

Since the posts in the lower service, group, sub-group and category of the civil service have to be filled through competitive examination in open and inclusive classes; Applications are invited from the following qualified candidates. Candidates who have reached the specified minimum qualification will have to apply through the Commission's online application system

Types of Exams: Written, Skill Tests, Group Tests and Interviews.

Examination Center:

  • First Phase: All the offices of the Commission.
  • Phase II: As directed by the Commission's Dhankuta, Jaleshwor, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Surkhet and Dipayal offices.

Application Fee: - The application fee for each advertisement is Rs. 1,000 (One thousand) will have to be paid. In case of a candidate applying for additional advertisement on behalf of inclusive group of posts of the same service / group / sub-group, additional Rs. 400 (Four hundred) additional fee will have to be paid.

Last date to apply: 2078-9-20 and double fee till 2078-9-27.

Candidate age limit:

  • 21 years of age by 2078-9-20 and not exceeding 35 In case of women and disabled candidates not less than 40 years.
  • There will be no age limit for reinstated permanent civil servants.

Application Fee Submission Period: - After submitting the application online, the candidate has to pay double fee along with the voucher mentioning the Master ID and business code number received within the office hours (the first day of office opening after the public holiday). The prescribed examination fee / double fee must be paid.

Documents to be uploaded: Candidate should upload educational qualification, training, experience, business permit certificate, inclusive group opening documents and other documents specified in the relevant advertisement in the specified place of online application system in JPEG format. All candidates must scan the front of their citizenship certificate and upload it in PDF format. The candidate himself should be fully responsible for the details mentioned in the application.

Exam program before the interview and date of the interview: - The result of the written exam will be informed when it is published.

Job description for the post: Service, group related.

Salary: As per prevailing law.

Ministries related to services: - Ministries assigned to run the administration of services, groups, subgroups.

Minimum Qualification Required:

Must not have been disqualified as per Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049, and must have obtained the following minimum educational qualifications as prescribed under Rule 15 of the Civil Service Rules, 2050.

(1) For Nepal Foreign Service, Nepal Administration Service (Revenue and General Administration Group) and Federal Parliament Service (General Administration Group): Graduated from a recognized educational institution or equivalent.

(2) For Nepal Administration Service, Accounts Group: Bachelor's degree in Management, Commerce or Business Administration from a recognized educational institution or Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or Public Administration.

(3) For Nepal Judicial Service (Justice, Law, Government Advocates Group): Graduated in law from a recognized educational institution.

(4) For Nepal Audit Service: Passed Bachelor's or Chartered Accountancy or similar examination in Business Administration or Commerce from a recognized educational institution.

Special instructions regarding additional documents and experience to be submitted by the candidate:

Candidates who want to apply for inclusive group and open positions will have to prepare the following documents at the time of application. After being selected for the interview from the result of the written test, when you come to give the interview, you will have to bring the original of such documents along with the self-certified copy. If the mentioned documents are not with the candidate at the time of application, the application may be canceled at any time.

A) Additional documents required for candidates applying to the inclusive group

(A) In case of Adivasi / Janajati: On the basis of the same list of castes listed in the Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Upliftment National Foundation Act, but if there is more than one caste within the caste listed in the Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Upliftment National Foundation Act, on the recommendation of the concerned local level chief. Document certified as a surname within the caste.

(B) In the case of Madhesis: Document certified as Madhesi by the Government of Nepal by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette as specified, but a document certified as Madhesi by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level head until the organization is not specified by publishing the information in the Nepal Gazette.

(C) In case of Dalits: In case of castes listed by the National Dalit Commission on the basis of the same list, however, if there is more than one surname within the caste listed by National Dalit Commission, document certified as Surname within the caste listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local head.

(D) In ​​case of Disability: Disability Identity Card issued by the Social Welfare Council or Disability Identity Card issued by the concerned local level mentioning the classification of disability as per sub-section (3) of section 4 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2074.

(E) In case of Backward Areas: Certificate of citizenship obtained from the concerned district mentioning the permanent residency in the district mentioned in sub-section (7) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049 and the document application form certifying that it is presently residing in the same place from the concerned local level. Based on the recommendation up to 3 months before the filling day.

If the citizenship is obtained from a district other than the district of permanent residence, the reason for doing so should be obtained from the District Administration Office issuing the citizenship. Marriage Registration Certificate and Disclosure of Immigration to Local Level Body


(A) In case of candidates requiring a period of experience, the minimum service period should have been completed by the last date of application for the post concerned. The duration of double fee will not be calculated for the purpose of age, educational qualification, period of experience and other qualifications.

(B) According to the Employees Adjustment Act, 2075, the civil servants working in the official level before the adjustment will not be allowed to be candidates in this advertisement.

(C) Applications which have not been submitted within the time limit prescribed by the Commission or have not met the minimum qualifications or other specified details have not been disclosed or the prescribed fee has not been paid will not be accepted.

(D) Candidates seeking Assistant Writer should contact the concerned office of the Commission at least 7 (seven) days before the commencement of the written examination. Otherwise, the Commission will not be obliged to provide supporting authors.

(E) Candidates who pass the written test must submit a copy of the certificate of educational qualification, citizenship, service experience certified by the head of the concerned office before giving the interview and a copy along with the copy of the documents mentioned for inclusive and open application. Will have to submit

(F) Must have attained the prescribed educational qualification by the last date of application. Candidates who have studied in a foreign institution should have determined the equivalent of the qualification they have obtained from the concerned body.

(G) In the examination the examinee must use only black ink otherwise the answer sheet will be canceled.

(H) Curriculum can be obtained from the Commission's website


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