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Rural Self-Reliance Development Center (RSDC) Vacancy for Various Positions

Vacancy 21 Jan 2022 4170 0

job vacancy in Nepal

Rural Self Reliance Development Center (RSDC), Baluwatar, Kathmandu: Grameen Swabalamban Bikas Kendra (RSDC) is a non-profit social organization established in 2048 BS. It has been working in multidimensional areas for rural development in different parts of the country. The center is going to run a project related to plastic recycling and reuse in Budhanilkantha municipality of Kathmandu in collaboration with the donor agencies.

The main objective of this project is to empower economically and socially backward women for environmental adaptation and help them to become self-employed by engaging them in productive activities including advanced management of plastics. This information has been published due to the need of the staff of Tarpashal Bamajim for the project.

Eligible interested persons are requested to apply at the following email address within 7 days from the date of publication of this information along with their personal details (biodata). Out of the duly applied candidates, suitable candidates will be selected for the competition and the candidates who have been selected in this way will be selected in the staff after passing the written and oral examinations.

1) Project Coordinator

Required Number: 1 (full time)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • At least 9 years in the field of waste and plastic management after graduating in environmental science or related subject
  • Experience in leading responsibilities,
  • Ability to communicate, communicate and prepare reports in both Nepali and English languages,
  • Obstacles to the community, challenge management, willingness to work together, and the illusion of being able to drive will be considered as additional qualifications.

2) Project Consultant

Required Number: 1 (Part-Time)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Postgraduate degree in Environmental Science or related subject or equivalent,
  • 9 years working experience in the field of waste and plastic management,
  • Proficiency in communication, dialogue, and writing in both Nepali and English languages,
  • Exploratory studies towards waste management, research interests,
  • To be able to play a role in the work of national policy reform in plastic waste treatment.

3) Entrepreneurial Officer

Required Number: 1 (full time)

  • Bachelor's degree in management or equivalent
  • 3 years experience in managing plastic waste to help entrepreneurship
  • Ability to drive two-wheelers
  • The ability to communicate well, thematic skills to convey thematic things

4) Accounting and Administration Assistant

Required Number: 1 (full time)

  • Bachelor's degree in management or equivalent
  • Special emphasis on what is experienced in the related field

Note: For those who want to see the responsibilities and roles (TOR) of the concerned employees, the website of this center is attached at

Email ID: [email protected]

Published date: 2078-10-07