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Diploma and Pre-Diploma Admission Via Re-entrance at Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute

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Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School

Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute Notice regarding filling out the application form for re-entrance examination and filling the application form for admission to the candidates in the alternate or pass list.

In the Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute, for the academic session 2079/080, application for re-entrance examination to the interested new students as some seats are vacant in Diploma level Crop Science, Geomatics Engineering and Hotel Management and Pre-Diploma Civil Sub-Overseer and Veterinary JTA programs. Candidates who are on the alternative or short list of the CTEVT 2079/080 entrance exam are also advised to contact the admission log by 2079 Mangsir 1st to fill out the form.

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Geometrics Engineering, 
Diploma in Animal Science
Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub Overseer)
Pre-Diploma in Livestock Production / Animal (VJTA)

Madan Ashirt Memorial Foundation, run in partnership with CTEVT:

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