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LLB First Year Admission Notice from Nepal Law Campus

Admission 23 Nov 2021 2050 0

LLB First Year Admission Notice from Nepal Law Campus

According to the results of the entrance examination conducted on 2078-06-16 for the admission in the first year of LLB level 2076/077 group by Tribhuvan University Faculty of Law published on 2078-07-15; According to the circular received from TU Kanut Faculty Dean's Office on 2078-08-06 to this campus; Serial Number 1 to 559 Examiners, Serial Number 781 and 2001 Female Examiner, Serial Number 749, 9491369 Adivasi Janajati Examiner, Serial Number This information has been published for the admission of candidates from 676 and 1409 backward areas, candidates with physical disability of serial number 684, Khas Arya examinees of serial number 752 and 1213 and candidates of TU staff family of serial number 1926 as per details.

Candidates who have been selected for admission as per the published results will not be able to claim for admission if they do not enroll within the stipulated date and time. Eligibility Criteria for Vacancies if the candidates who have been selected for admission as mentioned above come to fill the vacancy without enrollment within the stipulated date and time. Candidates on (Merit List) are also informed to publish another notice for admission.

Also, the final results of the entrance examination published on 2078-08-06 from the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, TU have been published with this information. The results can be viewed on the Nepal Law Campus website

Admission Date: Date 8th Mangsir 2078 to 29th Mangsir 2078
Admission time: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm only
Class Management: Information will be published later
Admission fee: 10,500 (only ten thousand five hundred)

Deposit Bank: Any branch of Nepal Bank Limited
Account No: 21700100192472000001 Nepal Law Campus, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu

Documents to be attached:

  • Notary public certified photocopy of 1/1 copy of Academic Certificate (Transcript, Character Certificate of Graduation from SLC),
  • 1 copy of notary public certified shadow copy of Nepali citizenship certificate,
  • 4 recent passport size photos taken,
  • Bank voucher deposited in Nepal Bank,

In case of graduates from domestic or foreign university educational institutions other than TU, the original migration certificate and equivalent provided by the concerned university / educational institution must be submitted in the certified shadow of the missing document.
Other necessary information regarding admission can be obtained from the examination branch.
Costume: Students who come to study at this campus must wear a black coat and the campus logo provided by the campus

Nepal Law Campus

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