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NABIL Bank Call to Apply for Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship (NABIL SSE)

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NABIL Bank Call to Apply for Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship (NABIL SSE)

About Nabil School of Social Entrepreneurship – NABIL SSE

NABIL School of Social Entrepreneurship describes social entrepreneurs as people who have practical ideas for change, using social entrepreneurial approaches to tackle complex social problems. These enterprising individuals who have identified an unmet social need, find a business model that can sustain & create lasting social impact. Their work is aimed at improving people’s experience and quality of life and promotes positive social wellbeing, economic prosperity and/or environmental sustainability of communities.


Course Duration: 6 months, with a 12-month mentoring period.

Selection process: The application form will be reviewed, and the selected applicants will be notified. Applicants will have an in-person interview.

Eligibility: All Nepalese citizens between the ages of 18-50 years. Candidates should have a TU registration number.

Selection Criteria:

Candidates should have identified o social problem and developed a realistic solution.

To apply, please visit

Application Deadline: 15 January 2022

For more information, please visit our website or visit the nearest branch of Nabil Bank or call us at 01-5970015.


  • Provide a platform to present their creative ideas and solution through social enterprises
  • Promote and Develop Social Entrepreneurs in all the provinces of Nepal
  • Facilitate access to finance for social entrepreneurs
  • Raise the profile of social entrepreneurship
  • Support learning that builds leadership capacity
  • Support those creating change in their local communities

Programs under NABIL SSE:

  • Fellowship Programme in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate course in Social Entrepreneurship

NABIL SSE Fellowship Programme in Social Entrepreneurship

This programme will be the flagship programme of NSSE and would be aimed to support people starting up or growing projects/ideas/ventures that make a positive difference. This programme will be a National Programme and delivered in Kathmandu in collaboration with Tribhuvan University The programme will offer 20 fellows a 6-month learning programme following a robust methodology to gain first-hand experience and along the way use the ‘learning by doing’ approach.

40 fellows, 2 cohorts per year, 6 months learning programme and 12 months mentoring support

Duration of the Course:

this would be a six-month-long programme, with mentoring for a period of 12 months. Every month fellows will attend the learning programme for 3days and they would have a residential programme for 18 days in total. Each one of them would be paired with a mentor who will be their sounding board for their entrepreneurial journey for 1 year.

Expected Outcome of the Course: 

At the end of 6-12months, the Fellow would have an investment ready-enterprise or a business ready with product/service to trade in the market. They will face a panel of impact investors at the end of the programme and pitch their ideas for investment.

Profile of course applicant: 

Anyone between the age of 18 to 50 across seven provinces who has a practical business idea to solve social problems - be it in education, healthcare, water & sanitation, agriculture, food, livelihood, climate change, energy, etc. The applicants must be student or pass out of Tribhuvan University.

This person is willing to invest her/his time and energy into learning to develop their idea into an enterprise by taking action.

Click here to apply for the Nabil SSE Fellowship Programme. 

You can also download the English form by clicking here and the Nepali form by clicking here, and email the filled form to [email protected]

About Certificate Course in Social Entrepreneurship:

700 students per year, 25 per cohort, 28 cohorts per annum, across all 7 provinces

NABIL SSE will partner with a college in each province to offer this course.

Duration of the Course: This would be a three-month-long course, with two days each week, at the university/college. Each day would have 6–8-hour long engagements. In total the course would need participants to attend the course for 24 days over 3 months. The sessions would be held on every Sunday and Monday of the week. There would be 4 cohorts of 25 participants each year in every province.

Expected Outcome of the Course: at the end of 3months, the participant is expected to have built an entrepreneurial mindset, has developed a business model with a feasible solution and is ready to receive a bank loan.

Profile of course applicant: Anyone above the age of 18 across seven provinces who wants to build an entrepreneurial mindset and be introduced to the basics of running a social business. They should have identified a problem that they want to solve using a social entrepreneurial solution which is at an early stage, proof of concept or market entry-level. And this person is willing to invest her/his time over a course of 3 months, 2days every week. They should have functional knowledge of the Nepali language and the intention to take their idea to the next level.

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